“I always looked forward to the run because it offered me with such clarity, I always do my best thinking while running.”

Hajar El Khalfaoui is the captain of the women’s cross country team at Fisher College, and is just one athlete who found meaning and fun through playing sports. Fisher offers 10 varsity sports teams and plays for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Talented athletes from around the country and the world are excited to represent the falcons on the field and on the court.  Learn more about what it’s really like to be a student athlete at Fisher.


What is it like to play for NAIA?

NAIA offers a wide variety of playing opportunities. While other schools might only play colleges in their league, NAIA athletes get to play schools in multiple leagues. The Falcons have even played against Division 1 Schools.

“Competing against top players in our sport as well as the NAIA National champs last year gave me a lot of respect for how far I’ve advanced since my freshman year; I’ve also made lifelong friends that I would’ve never had the chance to meet if I did not come to Fisher.” Jordan Goesslin, a senior on the baseball team.


How Does Playing Sports Impact Their College Experience?

Meeting a group of people who love playing the sport you play can open the door for close, possibly lifelong, friendships. 

“My favorite thing about playing collegiate volleyball is all the amazing memories I get to make with my teammates while traveling, those are my favorite memories, and I wouldn’t change those memories for the world,” says Aya Al-Jurashi, a senior on Fisher’s Women’s Volleyball team.

In fact, the women’s volleyball team strengthens their bond both on and off the court. They volunteered as a group during the most recent Boston Marathon.

Athletes on other teams also feel that same sense of community and find that their teammates make a huge impact on their college experience. Victor Casildo, a 2020 graduate and a 2021 MBA graduate says that his basketball teammates not only helped him adjust to being at Fisher but also inspired him to come back to Fisher for his MBA.


How do athletes manage their time?

It’s no secret that being part of a sports team is a huge commitment and our athletes face the challenge of juggling their Fisher course load with weekly practices and games. Some of our athletes share their secrets.

 “Pre-planning every Sunday evening has always served me well: it allows me to pace my week, prioritize my time, and even map out how my weekend will look because rest and relationships are just as important as academics,” says Zachary Anderson, a junior on the men’s basketball team.

In addition to planning ahead, some also say that open and honest communication is important.

 “I'm able to handle everything by simply setting priorities and having open communication with my professors, coach, and managers,” says Reynaldo Vega, a senior on the baseball team.

However, the extra work and commitment is worth it in the end. Lia Camille Aime, a senior who is graduating this December and member of the women’s volleyball team, reflects upon her experience.

"I enjoy sports more than anything. For me, it’s enjoyable, challenging, and it brings out the best in me.