Meet Crystal Bautista, a senior at Fisher College majoring in Marketing. While many second semester seniors like to lighten their loads and relax during their last days of college, Crystal has spent the past few months as a social media intern/volunteer at Radiate. Educate. Elevate, an education non-profit dedicated to working with underserved youth based in Boston. 

Since her internship was a social media internship, she created social media posts and other digital content for the organization. She especially enjoyed creating graphic designs because she had the opportunity to learn a new skillset.

"My graphic design projects were my favorite part of job because they forced me to be more creative, especially since I did not expect myself to also create graphic designs in addition to social media posts."

She hopes to have more opportunities to build on those skills in future roles. 

"I am someone that wants to work in a field where all creativity and possibilities exist" Crystal said. 

In addition to developing her marketing skills and creativity, she was excited to use her creativity to raise awareness of the organization's mission and all the work that they do.

"One piece of advice I would give to other students pursuing internships is to take the time to learn about the company that you will be working/volunteering for. The first month of my internship was a little hectic because I did not take the time to be organized or learn more about the organization's mission," Crystal said.