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About Fisher

Welcome to Fisher College  

At Fisher College, our compassionate community empowers students of all backgrounds to grow, gain confidence, and reimagine their future. We open doors of opportunity, and we understand the power of creating an inclusive environment in which every student can thrive. By providing opportunities to collaborate, serve, and make connections in their communities, we enable them to realize their vast potential while fostering a deep sense of social responsibility. Together, we inspire our students to create positive change in the world.

Since 1903, our educational institution has continued to evolve, offering flexible online and on-campus undergraduate and graduate programs of long-lasting value. Our steadfast commitment to student success remains constant. Throughout every change, we stand by our commitment to our students so they can build a sense of pride in their work. Our mission is to help open doors to the vast possibilities
within their future career goals and the satisfaction of giving back to others.

For our students, the revolutionary history and pulsing energy of Boston invite them into a future of endless possibility. They learn to chart their path to success, daring to lead change in their lives and careers. As they strengthen their leadership skills and convictions, they have a profound impact on the world around them. Here, they discover the courage to challenge expectations, fearlessly pursue their dreams, and build a future that is truly their own.

We are Fisher College.

Our Mission

Fisher College improves lives by providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a lifetime of intellectual and professional pursuits.

Our Vision

Since its founding in 1903, Fisher College’s fundamental commitments have been constant. Fisher has consistently been a point of access to higher education for young people and adults, many of whom come from underserved communities in the greater Boston area and around New England. In 2022-2023, 32% of Fisher’s students were first-generation college students, and 56% of undergraduates were students of color. Though Boston-based, Fisher’s attraction is far reaching: in 2022-2023, undergraduates hailed from 37 states and 35 countries.

Fisher College continues to evolve. As articulated in the Strategic Plan, by spring 2028, the College will increase its enrollment of traditional-age undergraduates, while preserving its close student-faculty connections and small class sizes. Rates of enrollment, retention, and graduation are forecast to rise. Fisher will expand its online presence and better integrate its traditional-age and adult-serving degree programs.

Academic Innovation. The College offers academic programs in innovative fields such as cybersecurity, biology, and healthcare, while building on Fisher’s career readiness model and liberal arts core. Programs with low enrollment will be modified or eliminated. The graduate program will introduce additional career-relevant master’s degrees.

Fisher Celebrates Diversity and Inclusivity. Fisher will continue to celebrate its student diversity and create a more inclusive community; expand advancement and alumni engagement; improve its facilities; research options for campus growth; utilize professional public relations and marketing to raise its institutional profile and reputation and continue to be an asset to our neighbors in the Back Bay.

Beneficial within Boston and Globally. Fisher College will continue to cultivate its entrepreneurial spirt and look for areas to expand, including Esports and corporate partnerships and affiliations with other institutions, while being dedicated to maintaining financial stability. The College will manage its resources and grow them through careful planning. Because of this commitment, the strategic goals described in the Plan represent an attainable and aspirational future for the College that will benefit Boston and our constituents across the world.

Our Values

Student Success.  Fisher values its students above all. Every plan the College makes and every action it takes must advance the education and promote the success of its undergraduate and graduate students.

Faculty as Teachers and Mentors.  Fisher values its faculty for their great talent and commitment to teaching. Through close student-faculty interactions, Fisher faculty strive for teaching excellence that reflects and respects the unique interests, needs, and abilities of their students.

Diversity and Civility.  Fisher values diversity of backgrounds and perspectives as essential to transformative learning and encourages its students to share their cultures and ideas through curricular and co-curricular activities and dialogue. In the midst of difference, Fisher affirms the value of mutual respect and civility as important to sustaining a healthy learning environment.

Transparency and Open Communication.  Fisher values the meaningful involvement of its community members according to their roles, interests, and abilities. Because meaningful involvement implies knowledge of relevant facts, the College values transparency and open communication among all members of its community.

Financial Responsibility and Sustainability.  Fisher values the freedom to chart its own future with a minimum of financial constraints. To enjoy this freedom to the fullest, Fisher acts with great financial care and prudence, mindful it is the steward of others trust and treasure, and always putting its students interests first.

Service to the Larger World.  Fisher values advancing the common good through civic engagement, community service, environmental stewardship, and the public discussion of ideas. Fisher has a special, historical obligation to be a point of access to higher education for the people of Boston, especially first-generation students and students from underrepresented groups.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion means we welcome and embrace differences. It means we are building a community that is fully committed to being inclusive, representative, respectful, equitable and socially responsible. It means that we are preparing our community to make and impact in a diverse, rapidly changing and interconnected world. It means that our mission can only succeed with the talents and varied backgrounds of those that are here now and those that may join us in the future.

Our Future

staircase at 118 Beacon St.


Moving Fisher Forward 

The Strategic Plan for Fisher College 2023-2028