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Fisher College

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Golf Classic Fundraiser

Monday, Sept. 30, Merrimack Valley Golf Club, Methuen



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      WHO WE ARE

At Fisher College, our compassionate community empowers students of all backgrounds to reimagine their futures with support in their pursuit of knowledge and personal development. We open doors of opportunity, and we understand the power of creating an inclusive environment in which every student can thrive. We enable students to realize their vast potential while fostering a deep sense of social responsibility. Together, we inspire them to grow and create positive change in the world.

Since 1903, our educational institution has continued to evolve, offering flexible online and on-campus undergraduate and graduate programs of long-lasting value. Our steadfast commitment to student success remains constant. Throughout every change, we stand by our commitment to our students so they can build a sense of pride in their work. Our mission is to help open doors to the vast possibilities of their future career goals and the satisfaction of giving back to others.

For our students, the revolutionary history and pulsing energy of Boston invites them into a future of endless possibility. They learn to chart their path to success, daring to lead change in their lives and careers. As they embrace their spirit, they carry the conviction of their authenticity while having a profound impact on the world around them. Here, they discover the courage to challenge expectations, fearlessly pursue their dreams, and build a future that is truly their own.

We are Fisher College.

I love the location of Fisher College. I feel like Boston is such a huge city at times, having a small location in the middle of it all makes it comforting in every way.  

Sofia zeledon '23   


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Student Stories

Meet Jackson '24

After relocating from Canada to Boston, Jackson describes his career in esports as "the best decision I've made for my career," citing his ability to forge vital connections with students, faculty, and various industry companies aligned with his deepest passions.

Jackson's fervor for management stems from a desire to revolutionize esports, aiming to cultivate a more structured environment for every team, thereby maximizing their potential for success.

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Meet Kalia '26

Sophomore year often presents challenges for students, but for Kalia, it's a season ripe with fresh opportunities she eagerly embraces. Transitioning from her hometown of Mill Creek, Washington, Kalia not only acclimated to her new environment but wholeheartedly integrated herself into the Fisher community. As an honor student and a dedicated athlete, she proudly represents the Fisher College Softball team on the field.

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Meet Natalie '24


Navigating her college journey amidst the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Natalie, affectionately known as Nat, recognized the necessity for a fresh start and novel experiences. Presented with the opportunity to serve as the Valorant team manager for Fisher's burgeoning Esports program, she made the strategic decision to transfer to Fisher. This move enabled her to actively engage in campus life and immerse herself in diverse extracurricular activities.

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Meet Jose '24


Driven by his passion for college baseball, this Puerto Rican native seized the opportunity to relocate to Boston and enroll at Fisher College. Here, he seamlessly integrates his academic pursuits in Criminal Justice with his athletic ambitions as a member of the esteemed Fisher Baseball Team.

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