New Student Enrollment Requirements

Congratulations and welcome to Fisher College. Our College has a Health Clinic that is available for your use. Along with providing medical services, we also provide assistance in helping to learn how to manage your own health care.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a law that requires all students to provide documentation of immunizations for tetanus and diphtheria (Tdap/Td), measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) with 2 MMR shots documented, two doses of chickenpox (v and a series of three (3) hepatitis B shots given over a 6-month period. Meningitis vaccinations are required for all new students arriving on campus, whether or not you live at Fisher.

A history and physical examination form must be completed and signed at 2 points by medical personnel. A Health Office packet with all the required information sheets and forms will be mailed to each new student. It is the student's responsibility to have ALL the forms completed prior to the start of classes. Failure to do so may result in being unenrolled.

A copy of the required history and physical form may be downloaded from this site. When the forms are completed, please make copies for your own records before mailing them to the Health Office. NOTE: Please make sure that the forms are mailed to the Health Office and not included with other College forms that you may be required to complete.

If you are bringing prescription medications with you, you will need to bring a lock box for maximum security. You also need to check in with me when you arrive.

Massachusetts also requires that every college student have a basic package of health insurance. Please see the Health Insurance page for more details. Most students who are on MassHealth will not be eligible to continue once they reach 19 years of age. All students who will be turning 19 within the school year, will be assigned to the Fisher Health Insurance Plan. Individual appeals are on a case-by-case basis and must go through the Health Office before the first day of school for both the fall and winter semesters.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future.


Kristin Bello, RN
College Nurse


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