Department of Public Safety

Crime Prevention

Fisher College Campus Police conduct campus programs for students and employees about campus safety, security procedures and practices as well as a wide variety of crime prevention strategies.

Crime prevention means being aware of your environment and remaining alert to situations that could make you vulnerable to crime. We cannot list specific measures that will protect you from every threatening situation that may arise.

Instead, we hope to teach you how to think "crime prevention" in a day- to-day living. The suggestions presented should not be thought of as a list of crime prevention measures, but as examples of common-sense behavior that will help you make life safer and more secure.

Throughout the year, FCPD presents a number of programs to a wide variety of groups. Topics range from personal safety, sexual assault prevention (including rape awareness, acquaintance rape, and other forcible and non-forcible sex offenses), to safety and security on campus and at home. Currently, R.A.D. Training is offered for the benefit of the community.

FCPD is committed to meeting the needs of the campus community by presenting these programs throughout the academic year. To schedule a crime prevention program contact the FCPD 617-236-8880.


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