Telephone and Cable TV



Telephone System

The College provides basic telephone service in the residence halls. Each room is assigned a direct-dial telephone number and voice-mail (shared by roommates). The basic service includes emergency and local dialing (within the 617 area code) and non-toll incoming calls. A pre-paid calling card will be needed to make out-going toll calls. Roommates will need to provide a telephone (nearly any 2-wire analog telephone will work) and connecting cable (any 2 or 4-wire RJ-11 cable, less than 15', available in the College Bookstore).

Telephone number assignments and voice-mail access details will be distributed as students move in. Dial 6, then 1, then the 10-digit telephone number to make all outgoing, off-campus calls. Dial the last 4 digits to make an internal Fisher College call.

Cable TV

Cable Television

The College provides a basic cable television package from RCN. The channel listing will change periodically, but is typical of cable companies' standard "residential" offerings. "Premium" channels are not available. Roommates need to provide a "cable-ready" television and connecting cable (standard RG-58 coax CATV, less than 15', available in the College Bookstore). Our distribution system does not use converter boxes.


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