How are refunds processed at Fisher College?

Title IV Credit Balances:
Credit balances created by Title IV financial aid are refunded within fourteen (14) calendar days after the funds are disbursed onto the student account. These refunds are automatically refunded to the student or borrower.
However, if the student would like the Title IV credit balance to be applied to future charges within the academic year, the student will need to fill out and return the Credit Balance Authorization form to the Bursar’s Office. Please complete, sign and date the Credit Balance and Authorization Form and return to the Bursar’s Office. The credit balance authorization will remain in effect until the end of the academic year, unless rescinded per request. In any case, all credit balances will automatically be refunded at the end of the academic year.
Non-Title IV Credit Balances:
Credit balances not created by Title IV financial aid may be refunded at any time. Please download and complete the Refund Request Form to expedite your refund. Link to form
Email or mail the refund request form to:
Fisher College
Attn: Bursar Office - Refund
118 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116

Refund Procedure for All Credit Balances:
Fisher College utilizes Bank Mobile as our servicer for all credit balance refunds. Please be sure to log onto the Bank Mobile website – and choose your refund preference. Bank Mobile will return the funds via the student’s preferred choice (Direct Deposit, Bank Mobile Card or check). If you do not have an Instant Personal Code, please contact the Bursar’s Office and we will provide one for you. By choosing your preference, this will ensure that all refunds are received as quickly as possible. If you do not choose a preference, a refund check will automatically be mailed out to the mailing address you have on file on your My Fisher account. Please review your My Fisher mailing address to ensure accuracy.
For assistance, students can contact the Bank Mobile Customer Care team by calling 1-877-327-9515 or visiting


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