Program Costs, Billings, and Financial Aid

Fisher College Sponsored Programs

Students who participate in an approved Fisher College Study Abroad Program will be assessed tuition charges and comprehensive fees equivalent to the standard semester charges. In some instances, however, the cost of your individual program may exceed the full amount of these base charges. When this situation occurs, the student will be assessed an additional “International Program Fee" which will be posted to your student account. The total of your per semester charges (tuition, comprehensive fee and International Program Fee) will not exceed the program costs paid by Fisher College. The semester charges and program fees posted to the student account are payable to Fisher College by the student. Subsequently, Fisher College remits payment on your behalf to our affiliated Study Abroad Program administrator.

Commonly, at the beginning of the program application process, a deposit of approximately $500 is required to be paid directly to the affiliated program administrator by the student. Any such deposit paid by the student will be credited towards your program costs. Please refer to your specific program to determine the exact amount of the deposit. In addition, it is the responsibility of the student to determine the full extent of the services (tuition, room, board, travel, etc.) covered by the program cost as outlined above. Fees for additional services not outlined in your program will be the responsibility of the student. The cost of medical and accident insurance is typically included in the program fee. Participation in the Fisher College student health insurance program is not mandatory during your semester abroad, and fees for this program will be waived. A student may, however, opt into the program if they wish to seek additional insurance coverage. Please refer to the Fisher College website for information on the student health insurance program. Tuition insurance remains available to study abroad students, and is administered under the normal terms and conditions of that program. Federal and state financial aid awards, including gifts, grants and loans, remain available to eligible students who are participating in the Study Abroad Program. Due to the direct costs to Fisher College for students participating in this program, institutional aid and Fisher Trustee Scholarships funds are not available during the period of participation. However, some scholarship funding may be available to selected students directly through the Study Abroad Program.

Please see the Office of Financial Aid for assistance in determining your eligibility for financial aid.

Non-Fisher College Programs
On occasion, a Fisher student may be approved to participate in a study abroad program through a non-affiliated organization. In this instance, all program fees will be the responsibility of the student. Financial aid availability for these students will be determined on a case by case basis. To help defray the administrative costs associated with non-Fisher programs, a per semester processing fee will be assessed on your student account by Fisher College prior to the start of your program.


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