12-Credit Internship

Adams Jean Baptiste '14
12-Credit Internship
Position: Relationship Manager Intern
Company: Enquiron, Boston, MA

This spring I had an amazing learning experience for my future in business through the company I interned: Enquiron. I thrived in my "real business world" environment by dealing with real time successful businesses and owners on a daily basis. A benefit of the internship was earning 12 credits for my semester along with credits earned from the courses I was enrolled in. As a business major, the field work involved greatly expanded my knowledge of how everyday operations run for a successful company especially in Human Resources. Every student should have the opportunity to share my experience from this semester because in four months I've gained the most knowledge to date l have learned in this field of study. I greatly benefited from the guidance and support of my faculty advisor, Nancy Pithis, whom insured me this internship was an amazing opportunity to learn and that I could not pass on it. The combination of this internship and material learned from spring courses made this my best semester in taking a step forward to entering the business world.


The 12-credit internship is an opportunity for full-time students to earn credit while learning in an experiential learning opportunity. Students work full-time (usually for pay) while taking an additional course. This type of internship gives students the chance to gain hands-on experience that complements his/her coursework and builds the resume. For more information on 12-credit internships please contact The Office of Career Services.

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