Residence Halls

Girls in Dorm Fisher College has five residence halls:
  • 102 Beacon Street (Sarah Mortimer Hall)  
  • 104/106 Beacon Street (Robert Smith Hall)
  • 112/114/116 Beacon Street (Edmund Florence Hall)
  • 131/133 Beacon Street (Carty Hall)
  • Stuart Street
Each hall houses 50 to 80 students. Halls contain a mix single, double, triple, and quadruple occupancy rooms.

Why live on campus?
  • Living on campus with Housing and Residential Life puts you in the center of the Fisher College community.
  • Research indicates that living on campus is one of the strongest influences on successful completion of an undergraduate degree.
  • Our experience has been that off-campus living is about accommodations. Off-campus vendors are strictly in the business of renting accommodations, though many have recently attempted to mimic on-campus offerings without the same results. Housing and Residential Life is committed to creating a student-centered environment that supports both personal and academic development.
  • Professional staff and student leaders live and work in each residence hall. Recreational activities, leadership opportunities, referrals to support services, and a listening ear are just a few benefits of living on campus.

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