Residence Directors and Residence Assistants

Resident Director (RD)
Fisher RDs are trained professional staff members responsible for the overall supervision of the Housing and Residence Life program in their assigned building. RDs have training in counseling, mediation and conflict resolution, judicial affairs, programming, and other related disciplines. RDs act as advisors, respond to emergency situations, administer judicial cases, mediate conflicts, and supervise the Resident Assistants (RAs). Make an effort to get to know your RD, as he/she is willing and able to enhance the quality of community in your hall and encourage your growth and development as an individual.

Your RD maintains scheduled office hours and is available to talk to you about problems or concerns you may be experiencing. The RD is also available if your RA is unable to assist you in a matter.

Resident Assistant (RA)

RAs are upper-class students who works closely with the residents on a given floor(s) and throughout the building. Your RA will be able to explain College policies and regulations, refer you to services and offices, react to emergency situations, sponsor programs and act as a general source of support. Your RA is your first contact for concerns; do not hesitate to contact your RA when you are in need of any kind of assistance. If the RA does not have the answer, you will be referred to an appropriate source.

Your RA will hold a floor meeting during orientation week and regular meetings thereafter.

Resident Assistants are selected in the Spring for the following academic year. Qualifications considered in the selection process include social, academic, and financial standing at the College, maturity, the ability to relate well to people, responsibility, initiative, assertiveness, and time availability. Applicants must be Fisher College students who have a clear judicial record and have resided on campus for at least one semester.

Current Fisher students interested in applying for an RA position should talk to either their RA or Residence Director, or stop by the Office of Housing and Residence Life for more information.


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