Fisher College Military FAQ's

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How much will it cost for me to attend Fisher College?


Is Fisher College accredited?


Who is eligible to receive Fisher College's discounted military rate?


Is Fisher College an SOC member school?


Do I have to pay an application fee?


Am I eligible to use my military tuition assistance (TA) for coursework at Fisher College Online?


Can I use my GI BillĀ® while active duty on a Fisher College approved degree plan?


Can I transfer my military training credits toward a degree at Fisher College?


Can I use CLEP and DANTES exams to fulfill credit and or course requirements?


If I am deployed, may I withdraw from my class without any negative consequences to my academic record or military TA?


How many credits can I expect to receive within a given year?


Do I need any special software to access an online class?


How often do I have to attend class if I am completing a program online?


Do I have to be in an online class at a particular time?


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