Master of Business Administration


The Master of Business Administration degree at Fisher College will focus on Strategic Leadership. The MBA program has been designed to prepare students for increased responsibility through the development, practice, and application of knowledge and skills used by highly successful business professionals today.

Knowledge is not enough. Professional skill sets are required that will give the student the ability for success in positions with higher levels of responsibility. Therefore, the vision for the program’s course design and development is based on practical professional applications of knowledge based on business cases. The program will utilize small student teams for social and experiential learning activities that are focused on the practice of applicable skills for solving current problems in realistic learning environments.

Program Delivery Format
Courses will be offered in three 12-week terms and one summer 8-week term. Students with continuous enrollment may earn their MBA in two years (depending on prerequisite work). Classes will be offered in an online format.
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What makes a fisher program special?

To be successful in business requires an equal amount of knowing and doing. It is not enough to remember what a theory or process or method is. To lead or manage any business or business-like organization requires a leader or manager to have the skills and abilities to do something with that knowledge. The MBA program at Fisher college was designed with the purpose of connecting knowing and doing as the focus for all its courses.

Fisher College has the unique resource of full time business faculty who have significant experience as a business professionals prior to becoming higher education teachers within their fields. The teachers who teach accounting and finance have been practicing accountants and financial managers. The teachers who teach marketing and management have been managers and leaders in various businesses. Additionally, part-time faculty who teach in the program have an important role as well. These teachers are also current business professionals who bring to the learning experience knowledge of what works -and just as important- what doesn’t work when attempting to apply theories on leadership and management.

All businesses and business-like organizations require capable and confident leaders. The senior leaders in these organizations are always looking for people who can successfully take on the challenges of leading and managing sections, departments, divisions and entire businesses. So an MBA in Leadership as offered by Fisher College will give any student desiring to advance their careers the greatest opportunity to do so; by engaging in the process of learning how to connect the right knowledge with the best course of action. Learn from professionals who have done it and are still doing it today.


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