Getting Started

Applying to a Degree or Certificate Program
If you simply want to take one or two courses, you are not required to submit an application. You can begin taking classes just by registering for a course.

Students interested in a certificate or degree program must apply to the program and submit an official high school transcript or an equivalency certificate (GED). If you register for classes without being accepted into a program at the College, you will not be considered a degree-seeking student, and will not qualify for financial aid. Visit our Application and Enrollment Procedures page for application instructions.

Registering for Courses
Current course schedules are available in the Academics section of our Web site. When you have selected the course(s) you would like to schedule, you may register for classes online through your MyFisher account. Visit our Course Registration page for instructions.

Purchasing Textbooks, Software and Course Materials
After you register for your courses, order texts through our Virtual Bookstore. It is best to order books in advance so they are shipped before your class begins. Some courses have additional software requirements. Please review the course description and syllabus for specific requirements. It is the student's responsibility to acquire and install these applications. Academic discounts are available at many online retailers such as Gradware, Academic Superstore, Campus Tech, and Studica.*

Policies & Procedures
We recommend that you review the Fisher College Online Policies and Procedures.

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Log on to your virtual classroom
Blackboard LogoThe software that the College uses for all online courses is Blackboard, which is one of the most widely used and accepted college software programs in the world. Please visit the online student manual where you will find detailed information on how to navigate in Blackboard.

Passwords and usernames are assigned on the Friday before your class begins. An e-mail with a "Welcome Letter" will be e-mailed to you before Monday with all the information and procedures you need to start your course.

Your User name will be: first initial of your first name, entire last name (ie: jsmith) (no spaces and ALL lowercase!)
Your Password will be: your college ID number (ex. 7700xxxxx).

On your course start date:
  • Use the "Go to Blackboard" link on the Current Students page to enter the Blackboard login area.
  • User name: enter the first initial of your first name & your entire last name in lower case letters (with no space in between).
  • Password: enter your student id# (ex. 770011111). If you are not sure what your student id# is please give us a call.
  • Start your coursework! It's that easy.

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