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Internship Procedures

At Fisher College, most degree programs require an in-depth work experience for academic credit during your final stages of a degree. As you begin to pursue this avenue, these Guidelines will be helpful. *Note: HIT and Medical Coding Certificate students must complete an alternate set of forms. Please contact the Program Director regarding specific internship procedures and forms.

Be prepared to embark on your search for an internship site and work experience in your field

  1. Research, think and plan  what you want to learn, where you would like to go for this experience.
  2. Determine what goals you would personally like to accomplish in this job.
  3. Speak with instructors, supervisors and other students about what to expect.
  4. Begin to prepare a resume to present to a potential internship site supervisor.

Complete an Application for Internship Experience.

Submit your application to either your Academic Program Advisor, Campus Director or other college representative, and set up an interview with them to go over the Internship process:

  1. Discuss goals and objectives.
  2. Be prepared: have ideas about where and when you would like to do your internship.
  3. Get your schedule and life arranged so you can meet the internship goals (times and dates of other courses you are taking that term, child care arrangements if applicable, transportation, or scheduling around other unrelated paid work hours).
  4. Gather all required paperwork required for Internship (medical forms as required, medical requirements such as immunizations for the medical field, CORI checks if working with children or in legal field, gather required clothing/uniforms/ equipment as needed, etc.).

Meet with the instructor to search for possible internship sites, arrange details with site supervisors (if site is already approved) to:

  1. Plan start dates, goals and objectives, hours you can work, which term/semester, etc.
  2. Prepare your resume, review how to interview and what to wear for this position, etc.
  3. Contact possible internship job sites and interview with the supervisor (Interviewing Techniques).
  4. Complete with your instructor and site supervisor your Internship Contract.
  5. Discuss how Time Cards and hours will be completed and submitted to the College.
  6. **Register for the actual course with your Campus Registrar (or you will not receive credit or a grade for this experience).

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