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APA Casper, K. (2001, October 1). Re: watered down curricula. Message posted to Important Elements:
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Note: Spacing is important. For example, compare Chicago, MLA, and Turabian. Consult individual guides for exact spacing.

Chicago Casper, Karl. "Re: Watered Down Curricula." In Math Forum [online discussion board]. Cited 26 October 2001. Available from

Note: Adapted from examples on page 634 of Chicago Manual of Style 14th edition.

MLA Casper, Karl. "Re: Watered Down Curricula." Online posting. 1 Oct. 2001. Math Forum. 26 Oct. 2001
Turabian No example in latest edition.

Special thanks to Kelley A. Lawton and Laura Cousineau at the Duke University Libraries and Van E. Hillard at the Duke University Writing Program for permission to copy and adapt these citation pages.


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