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000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism
100-199 Philosophy and Psychology
111.85 H462 c.2 Introductory lectures on aesthetics by Georg Hegel
150.19 S449  Seductions and enigmas: Laplanche, theory, culture
155.418 M978 Lisa Murphy on play: the foundation of children's learning
155.91 L894  Vitamin N: the essential guide to a nature-rich life by Richard Louv
158.1 W664  No boundary, Eastern and Western approaches to personal growth by Ken Wilber

200-299 Religion

210.1 R878 Philosophy of religion: an introduction by William L. Rowe

300-399 Social Sciences

322.3 K853 When corporations rule the world by David C. Korten
332.024 G424 How to retire with enough money: and how to know what enough is... by Teresa Ghilarducci
332.1 R611  Bailout nation: how greed and easy money corrupted Wall Street by Barry Ritholtz
332.743 L581  Credit repair by Robin Leonard
338.763 K784  Banana: the fate of the fruit that changed the world by Dan Koeppel
364.132 L524 c.2  The fence: a police cover-up along Boston's racial divide by Dick Lehr
364.973 R363 The rich get richer and the poor get prison by Jeffrey H. Reiman
372.21 K447 From parents to partners: building a family-centered early... by Janis Keyser
391.00904 C587 Costume since 1945: historical dress from couture... by Deirdre Clancy Steer
394.14 S347 Weed: the user's guide by David Schmader

400-499 Language

500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics
575 D271 The blind watchmaker by Richard Dawkins
600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management
613.2 W183 African-American Healthy: what you need to know... by Richard W. Walker

700-799 The Arts
800-899 Literature and Rhetoric
811.54 C826m Mindfield: new & selected poems by Gregory Corso
811.6 L581r  Ramshackle ode by Keith Leonard
812.54 G619l  The lion in winter: a play by James Goldman
813.4 G487yo  The yellow wallpaper and other writings by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
813.52 F263s  Sanctuary: the corrected text by William Faulkner
813.52 F553bd  The beautiful and damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald
813.52 S819e  East of Eden by John Steinbeck
813.54 B787sh  The sheltering sky by Paul Bowles
813.6 G869k The kitchen house by Kathleen Grissom
823.912 D131Ar The Roald Dahl omnibus
823.912 D583o Out of Africa & shadows on the grass by Isak Dinesen
823.912 G799c The comedians by Graham Greene
900-999 Geography and History
914.15 I654 Ireland (Lonely Planet)
914.95 G793 Greece (Lonely Planet)
 917.3 U842 USA (Lonely Planet)
972.81 S342 Bitter fruit: the story of the American Stephen C. Schlesinger
973.8 S783 c.2 The era of reconstruction: 1865-1977 by Kenneth M. Stampp

Children's Books
 PB H662e Ch. Lit. Eyes, nose, fingers, toes... by Judy Hindley

DVD Comedy H292 Harold and Maude
DVD Drama D238 Daughters of the dust
CM 105 c.3 Speaker's guidebook
FM 102 c.3 The dynamics of fashion
FM 105 Survey of historic costume

Total Number of Items : 41


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