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New Acquisitions March 2018
Arranged by Call Number

000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism
100-199 Philosophy and Psychology 
155.2 F889   Wit and its relation to the unconscious by Sigmund Freud 
155.4138 S862  The self-driven child: the science and sense of giving your kids more... by William Stixrud 

200-299 Religion 
220.6 G633  The good book: reading the Bible with mind and heart by Peter J. Gomes 
300-399 Social Sciences 
302.3 F353  The square and the tower: networks and Niall Ferguson 
302.34082 S294  Text me when you get home: the evolution and Kayleen Schaefer 
305.512 S318  The great leveler: violence and the history of inequality from Walter Scheidel 
323.65 R347  The common good by Robert B. Reich 
331.54 O717  We are all fast food workers now: the global uprising against poverty by Annelise Orleck 
332 F727  Makers and takers: how Wall Street destroyed Main Street by Rana Foroohar 
333.714 R225  Journey to Earthland by Paul Raskin 
340.071 G964  Becoming gentlemen: women, law school, and institutional change by Lani Guinier 
363.1792 G475  Whitewash: the story of a weed killer, cancer, and the Carey Gillam 
371.9046 S241  Widening the circle: the power of inclusive classrooms by Mara Sapon-Shevin 
372.52 K792s  Scribble art: independent creative art experiences for children by MaryAnn F. Kohl
378.194 O38  High-impact advising: a guide for academic advisors by Sue Ohrablo 

400-499 Language
500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management
616.8527 M563  This close to happy: a reckoning with depression by Daphne Merkin 
650.1 M621  Thinkertoys: a handbook of creative-thinking techniques by Michael Michalko 
658.1511 B516  Financial intelligence: a manager's guide to knowing what the Karen Berman 
658.1511 B516e Financial intelligence for entrepreneurs: what you really need to Karen Berman
658.802 K968  The little blue book of marketing: build a killer plan in less Paul Kurnit 

700-799 The Arts
782.42164 D996zt  Why Bob Dylan matters by Richard F. Thomas 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric
811.54 K55Ac  Collected poems by Galway Kinnell 
811.54 L478u  The undressing: poems by Li-Young Lee 
811.6 S647d Don't call us dead: poems by Danez Smith 
811.6 S877m  The MoĢˆbius strip club of grief by Bianca Stone
813.54 L647m  Motherless Brooklyn by Johnathan Lethem 
813.54 V947b  Breakfast of champions, or, Goodbye blue Monday by Kurt Vonnegut 
814.54 M387f The flatness and other landscapes: essays by Michael Martone 
861.64 A694f  En carne propia: memoria poetica by Jorge Argueta 

900-999 Geography and History
956.94 R658  Young Palestinians speak: living under occupation by Anthony Robinson 
979.7 M135  The egg and I by Betty Bard MacDonald 
DVD Comedy A398  Alice's Restaurant 
DVD Documentary E566 v.1 The Endless Summer 
DVD Documentary E566 v.2  The Endless Summer II 
DVD Documentary E566r  The Endless Summer Revisited 
DVD Documentary F745  49 Pulses
DVD Documentary L7225  Life in a Day 
DVD Documentary Q52  Quest: a Portrait of an American Family 
DVD Drama F636  The Florida Project 
DVD Drama S495  Set it off 
DVD FL/French M181  Mademoiselle C 
DVD 323.1196 I113  I am somebody: three films by Madeline Anderson 
DVD 332.178 R595  The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
DVD 363.7285 P777  Polluting Paradise 

CM 400  Television Criticism by Victoria O'Donnell
MBA 5100  Business Statistics in Practice by Bruce L. Bowerman
MBA 5300  Essentials of Economics by G. Dirk Mateer  


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