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000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism

004 D411                                                                        
  Denning, Peter J.  Great principles of computing.  Cambridge,                 
    Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2015]                                       
005.446 R234                                                                    
  Rathbone, Andy, author.  Windows 10 for dummies.  Hoboken, New Jersey : John  
    Wiley & Sons, [2015]                                                        
100-199 Philosophy and Psychology


200-299 Religion
300-399 Social Sciences
302.231 H249                                                                    
  Hansen, Mark B. N. author.  Feed-forward : on the future of twenty-first-     
    century media.  Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, 2015.       
304.25 H699                                                                     
  Hoffman, Andrew J., author.  How culture shapes the climate change debate.    
    Stanford, California : Stanford Briefs, an imprint of Stanford University   
    Press, 2015.                                                                
304.8 D771                                                                      
  Dreby, Joanna, author.  Everyday illegal : when policies undermine immigrant  
    families.  Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2015]     
305.8 F164                                                                      
  Fairbanks, Daniel J., author.  Everyone is African : how science explodes     
    the myth of race.  Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2015.              
328.73 F828                                                                     
  Frank, Barney.  Frank : a life in politics from the Great Society to same-    
    sex marriage.  First edition.  New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015.  
362.86 A161                                                                     
  Abrams, Michael (Television producer), author.  Networking for veterans : a   
    guidebook for a successful military transition into the civilian workforce. 
    Boston, Massachusetts : Pearson Learning Solutions, a Pearson Education     
    Company, [2013]                                                             
363.33 C284                                                                     
  Carlson, Jennifer.  Citizen-protectors : the everyday politics of guns in an  
    age of decline.  Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2015]        
363.73 M397                                                                     
  Maslin, Mark, author.  Climate change : a very short introduction.  Third     
    edition.  Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014.           
378 K292                                                                        
  Keller, George, author.  Transforming a college : the story of a little-      
    known college's strategic climb to national distinction.  Updated edition.  
    Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.                           
400-499 Language

428.2 S741                                                                      
  Spector, Stephen, author.  May I quote you on that? : a guide to grammar and  
    usage.  Oxford [England] ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2015]   


500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics


600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management

647.94 L655                                                                     
  Levander, Caroline Field.  Hotel life : the story of a place where anything   
    can happen.  Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2015]  
700-799 The Arts

746.92092 V946zd                                                                
  Diliberto, Gioia, author.  Diane von Furstenberg : a life unwrapped.  First   
    edition.  New York, NY : Dey St., [2015]   


800-899 Literature and Rhetoric

809.3 H856                                                                      
  Howe, Irving.  Politics and the novel.  Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, 2002.          
810.9 B791a                                                                     
  Brooks, Van Wyck.  America's coming-of-age.  [Rev. ed.].  New York : Amereon  
    House, 1990.                                                                
811.6  M152s                                                                    
  Mcilroy, Leslie Anne.  Slag : poetry.  Charlotte, North Carolina : Main       
    Street Rag Publishing Company, [2014]                                       
811.6 J134r                                                                     
  Jackson, Major, author.  Roll deep : poems.  First edition.  New York : W.W.  
    Norton & Company, [2015]                                                    
811.6 P226t                                                                     
  Pardlo, Gregory, author.  Totem.  First edition.  Philadelphia : American     
    Poetry Review, [2007]                                                       
811.6 W363h                                                                     
  Weaver, Afaa M. author.  A Hard Summation : poems.  Lynn, MA : Central        
    Square Press, [2014]                                                        
811.6 W749i                                                                     
  Wilson, Leia Penina, author.  I built a boat with all the towels in your      
    closet (and will let you drown) : poems.  First edition.  Pasadena,         
    California : Red Hen Press, 2014.                                           
811.608 B561 2015                                                               
  The best American poetry 2015.  First Scribner hardcover edition.  New        
    York : Scribner Poetry, 2015.                                               
823.8 W672p                                                                     
  Wilde, Oscar.  The picture of Dorian Gray.  New York : Dover Publications,    


900-999 Geography and History


DVD 322.42 K633                                                                 
  Klansville U.S.A.  [Arlington, Virginia] : PBS Distribution, [2015]           
DVD 796.83 F471                                                                 
  Fight like a girl.  [Place of publication not identified] : [Name of          
    publisher not identified], [2014].                                          
DVD Comedy B594                                                                 
  The big Lebowski.  Collector's edition, widescreen.  [Santa Monica, CA] :     
    Focus Features, [2005].                                                     
DVD Documentary C5798                                                           
  Citizenfour.  [Beverly Hills, Calif.] : Anchor Bay Entertainment, [2015]      
DVD Documentary D758                                                            
  The draft.  [Arlington, Virginia] : PBS, [2015]                               
Reference Books
REF 808.025 W956 2016                                                           
  Writer's market 2016.  95th annual edition.  Cincinnati, Ohio : Writer's      
    Digest Books, [2015]      
Children's Books

PB B244c Ch. Lit.                                                               
  Barclay, Eric, author.  Counting dogs.  New York, NY : Cartwheel Books, an    
    imprint of Scholastic, [2015]                                               
PB C278p Ch. Lit.                                                               
  Carle, Eric.  Papa, please get the moon for me.  1st Little Simon Board Book  
    ed.  New York, N.Y. : Little Simon, 1999, 1986.                             
PB M994m Ch. Lit.                                                               
  Myers, Christopher, author, illustrator.  My pen.  First edition.  New        
    York : Disney * Hyperion Books, [2015]                                      
PB R848f Ch. Lit.                                                               
  Rotner, Shelley, author, illustrator.  Families.  First edition.  New York :  
    Holiday House, [2015]                                                       
PB R969l Ch. Lit.                                                               
  Russo, Marisabina, author, illustrator.  Little Bird takes a bath.  First     
    edition.  New York : Schwartz & Wade Books, [2015]                          
PB S233a Ch. Lit.                                                               
  Santat, Dan, author, illustrator.  The adventures of Beekle : the             
    unimaginary friend.  First edition.  New York ; Boston : Little, Brown and  
    Company, [2014]                                                             
PB S336b Ch. Lit.                                                               
  Schindel, John.  The babies and doggies book.  Boston, MA : Houghton Mifflin  
    Harcourt, [2015]                                                            
PB T255g Ch. Lit.                                                               
  Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.  Get out of my bath!  First U.S.     
    edition.  Somerville, Massachusetts : Nosy Crow, an imprint of Candlewick   
    Press, 2015.                                                                
PB Y54o Ch. Lit.                                                                
  Yolen, Jane, author.  Owl moon.  New York : Philomel Books, 1987.             
PB R8145n Ch. Lit.                                                              
  Rosenstock, Barb, author.  The noisy paint box : the colors and sounds of     
    Kandinsky's abstract art.  First edition.  New York : Alfred A. Knopf,      


AN 101                                                                          
  Nanda, Serena.  Cultural Anthropology.  Eleventh edition.  Belmont, CA :      
    Cengage Learning - Wadsworth, 2014.                                         
CJ 101                                                                          
  Fagin, James A.  CJ2015.  Boston : Pearson, [2016]                            
CJ 215                                                                          
  Lyman, Michael D.  Criminal investigation.  Second Edition.  New Jersey :     
    Pearson, 2015.                                                              
CJ 240                                                                          
  Constructions of deviance : social power, context, and interaction.  Eighth   
    edition.  Boston, MA : Cengage Learning, [2016]                             
CJ 312                                                                          
  Karmen, Andrew, author.  Crime victims : an introduction to victimology.      
    Ninth edition.  Boston, MA Cengage Learning, [2016]                         
CJ 316                                                                          
  Bachman, Ronet.  The practice of research in criminology and criminal         
    justice.  4th ed.  Los Angeles : SAGE, 2011.                                
CJ 330 / 364.168 B838                                                           
  Brenner, Susan W.  Cybercrime : criminal threats from cyberspace.  Santa      
    Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, 2010.                                            
CJ 410                                                                          
  Banks, Cyndi.  Criminal justice ethics : theory and practice.  3rd ed.        
    Thousand Oaks : SAGE Publications, 2013.                                    
CJ 420                                                                          
  Akers, Ronald L., author.  Criminological theories : introduction,            
    evaluation, and application.  Sixth edition.  New York : Oxford University  
    Press, [2013]                                                               
CJ 420                                                                          
  Cullen, Francis T.  Criminological theory : past to present, essential        
    readings.  Fifth Edition.  New York : Oxford University Press, 2014.        
CM 100                                                                          
  Alberts, Jess K.  Human communication in society.  Fourth Edition.  Upper     
    Saddle River : Pearson, 2016.                                               
CM 331                                                                          
  Block, Mervin.  Writing news for tv and radio : the new way to learn          
    broadcast newswriting.  Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, [2010]                 
CM 335                                                                          
  Redish, Janice.  Letting go of the words.  2nd ed.  Amsterdam ; Boston :      
    Morgan Kaufmann, 2012.                                                      
CM 425                                                                          
  Media ethics : cases and moral reasoning.  9th ed.  Boston : Allyn & Bacon,   
CM 460 / CM 465                                                                 
  Culver, Sherri Hope.  Media career guide : preparing for jobs in the 21st     
    century.  Tenth edition.  Boston, Massachusetts : Bedford/St. Martin's,     
CS 205                                                                          
  Shelly, Gary B.  Alice 2.0 : introductory concepts and techniques.  Boston,   
    MA : Thomson Course Technology, 2007.                                       
CS 400                                                                          
  Gido, Jack.  Successful project management.  5th ed.  Mason, OH : South-      
    Western, 2012.                                                              
EC 101                                                                          
  Slavin, Stephen L.  Macroeconomics.  Eleventh Edition.  New York : McGraw-    
    Hill Education, 2014.                                                       
EN 106                                                                          
  Grazian, David.  Mix it up : popular culture, mass media, and society.  New   
    York : W.W. Norton, c2010.                                                  
FA 125                                                                          
  Brown, D. W.  You can act! : a complete guide for actors.  Studio City, CA :  
    Michael Wiese Productions, 2009.                                            
FM 220                                                                          
  Berman, Barry.  Retail management : a strategic approach.  12e.  Boston :     
    Pearson, 2013.                                                              
FM 225                                                                          
  Kadolph, Sara J.  Textiles : basics.  Boston : Prentice Hall, 2013.           
HI 210                                                                          
  Franklin, John Hope, author.  From slavery to freedom : a history of African  
    Americans.  Ninth edition.  New York : McGraw-Hill/Connect Learn Succeed,   
HS 101                                                                          
  Kanel, Kristi, author.  An overview of the human services.  Second edition.   
    Boston, [Massachusetts] : Cengage Learning, [2015].                         
HS 303                                                                          
  Abadinsky, Howard.  Drug use and abuse : a comprehensive introduction.        
    Eighth edition.  Belmont, OH : Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, [2014]           
IS 105 - L4                                                                     
  The fashion book.  New edition.  London ; New York, NY : Phaidon Press        
    Limited, [2014]                                                             
MA 107                                                                          
  Aufmann, Richard N., author.  Algebra and trigonometry.  Eight edition.       
    Stamford, CT : Cengage Learning, [2015]                                     
MK 201 - 02                                                                     
  Pride, William M.  Foundation of marketing.  6th ed.  Stamford, CT : Cengage  
    Learning, 2015.                                                             
MK 201 -03                                                                      
  Lamb, Charles W.  MKTG 7.  Student ed.  Mason, Ohio : South-Western ;         
    Andover : Cengage Learning [distributor], 2013.                             
MK 220                                                                          
  Babin, Barry J., author.  Cb 7.  Student edition 7.  Boston, MA : Cengage     
    Learning, [2016]                                                            
PH 123                                                                          
  Prothero, Stephen R. author.  God is not one : the eight rival religions      
    that run the world.  First HarperCollins paperback edition.  New York, New  
    York : HarperOne, 2011.                                                     
PS 203                                                                          
  Weinberg, Robert S.  Foundations of sport and exercise psychology.  5th ed.   
    Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2011.                                      
PS 220                                                                          
  Franken, Robert E.  Human motivation.  6th ed.  Australia ; Belmont, CA :     
    Thomson/Wadsworth, 2007.                                                    
PS 425                                                                          
  Gregory, Robert J.  Psychological testing : history, principles, and          
    applications.  Seventh edition.  Boston : Pearson, [2014]                   
SC 129                                                                          
  Mader, Sylvia S.  Human biology.  13th ed.  New York, NY : McGraw-Hill,       
SC 210                                                                          
  Riegelman, Richard K., author.  Public health 101 : healthy people--healthy   
    populations.  Second edition.  Burlington, MA : Jones & Bartlett Learning,  
SO 105                                                                          
  Crime and criminals : contemporary and classic readings in criminology.  2nd  
    ed.  New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.                              
SO 105                                                                          
  Adler, Freda.  Criminology.  8th ed.  New York : McGraw-Hill, 2013.  

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