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000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism

028.5 J26 Young children and picture books by Mary Renck Jalongo
070.51092 M478  The accidental life: an editor's notes on writing and writers by Terry McDonell 

100-199 Philosophy and Psychology
150 C678 The handy psychology answer book by Lisa J. Cohen
150.19 S628a  About behaviorism by B.F. Skinner 
153.9 P579  The psychology of intelligence by Jean Piaget
155.2 N475  Personality: what makes you the way you are by Daniel Nettle
155.422 H773 Secure relationships: nurturing infant/toddler attachment in early care settings by Alice S. Honig

200-299 Religion

294.3 C768 Buddhism, its essence and development by Edward Conze
299.94 P414  The pagan book of days: a guide to the festivals, traditions, and sacred days of the year by Nigel Pennick
300-399 Social Sciences
302.2345 B825 This program is brought to you by...: distributing television news online by Josh Braun
305.8 S 637  Race in North America by Audrey Smedley
306.1 T682  Can't find my way home: America in the great stoned age, 1945-2000 by Martin Torgoff
306.4 D411  The cultural front by Michael Denning
306.461 F145  The spirit catches you and you fall down by Anne Fadiman 
306.6 Z 943  Society without God by Phil Zuckerman
355.0335 B873  How everything became war and the military became everything by Rosa Brooks 
362.712 C277  Caring for infants & toddlers in groups: developmentally appropriate practice 
365.7 P341  Why American prisons fail: how to fix them without spending more money by Peyton Paxson
368.382 T656  Remaking the American patient by Nancy Tomes 
372.21 C785  Basics of developmentally appropriate practice: an introduction for teachers of children 3 to 6 by Carol Copple
372.21 C785it  Basics of devleopmentally appropriate practice: an introduction for teachers of infants & toddlers by Carol Copple
372.21 D539  The diary of Laura: perspectives on a Reggio Emilia Diary 
372.21 H933  The hundred languages of children: the Reggio Emilia experience in transformation 
372.21 S331 c.2  Increasing the power of instruction by Judith A. Schickedanz 
372.6 B471  Literacy and the youngest learner: best practices for educators of children from birth to five by V. Susan Bennett-Armistead 
372.6 B617  From lullabies to literature by Jennifer Birckmayer 
372.6 E619  Assessing preschool literacy development by Billie Enz 
372.623 S331  Writing in preschool by Judith A. Schickedanz
400-499 Language


500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics


600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management

649.58 F793 Reading magic: why reading aloud to our Mem Fox 
658.827 B862 Youthnation: building remarkable brands in a youth-driven culture by Matt Britton 
659.1 S949  Hey, Whipple, squeeze Luke Sullivan 
700-799 The Arts
746.92092 R111  Fashion is freedom by Tala Raassi 
787.2 L864  The soloist by Steve Lopez 
791.4375 E165  The great movies by Roger Ebert 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric

811.54 S177n  Nothing by design by Mary Jo Salter 
813.52 H488su  The sun also rises by Ernest Hemingway
813.52 R186an  Anthem by Ayn Rand 
813.52 R186at  Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand 
813.54 C246Ac  The complete stories of Truman Capote 
813.54 D542b  The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao 
813.54 J77t  The thin red line by James Jones 
813.54 K654o  Orphan train: a novel by Christina Baker Kline 
813.54 L665b  The boys from Brazil by Ira Levin
813.6 Y21l  A little life: a novel by Hanya Yanagihara 
833.912 K11c  The castle: a new Franz Kafka 
833.912 M282d  Death in venice by Thomas Mann 
833.912 T779t  The treasure of the Sierra Madre by B Traven 

900-999 Geography and History
910.202 S387 1,000 places to see before you die by Patricia Schultz 
915.3 W177  Oman, UAE, & Arabian Peninsula (Lonely Planet, 2016) 
915.95 M239 Malaysia, Singapore, & Brunei (Lonely Planet, 2016) 
943.086 S558  The rise and fall of the Third Reich... by William L. Shirer 
975.04 W453  Southern horrors and other writings by Ida B. Wells-Barnett 
DVD Documentary A941 Autism in America
DVD Documentary M6635  The mine wars 
DVD Documentary P768  Frontline. Policing the Police 
DVD Documentary S445  Secondhand Pepe
DVD 796.1 F216  The fantasy sports gamble

Children's Books  
Ch. Lit. A739s  Sounder by William H. Armstrong
Ch. Lit. E24m The matchlock gun by Walter Dumaux Edmonds
Ch. Lit. W673l v.3  Farmer boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Ch. Lit. Z967b The book thief by Markus Zusak
PB C6887e Ch. Lit.  Eddie the bully by Henry Cole
PB K57r Ch. Lit.  Rikki-tikki-tavi by Jerry Pinkney
PB P659b Ch. Lit.  Bear and bunny by Daniel Manus Pinkwater


AC 121 / AC 122 Accounting by Carl. S. Warren (26th ed.)
AC 301  Accounting information systems by Leslie Turner
AN 101  Cultural anthropology by Richard H. Robbins
CJ 315 Criminal evidence by Judy Hails
CM 300  Applying communication theory for professional life by Marianne Dainton
CM 316 (2 copies)  Advertising: concept and copy by George Felton 
CM 415  Gendered lives: communication, gender, & culture by Julia T. Wood
CS 205  Alice 3 in action: computing through animation by Joel Adams
CS 234  Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud revealed by Sherry Bishop
 CS 431 Computer forensics and digital investigation with Encase Forensic v7 by Suzanne Widup
EC 101/EC 102 (2nd copy) Economics (11th ed.) by Stephen Slavin
ED 103  Beginning essentials in early childhood education by Ann Miles Gordon
EN 101/EN 102 (4th copy)  Writer's presence: a pool of readings
FI 201 Basic finance by Herbert B. Mayo
FM 220  Retailing management by Michael Levy
GE 103 Fundamentals of world regional geography by Joseph J. Hobbs
LA 204  Foundations of the legal environment of business by Marianne Jennings
MG 303  Management communication by James. S. O'Rourke
MG 360 Strategic compensation by Joseph J. Martocchio
MG 435 (2nd copy)  Operations management (11th ed.)
MK 201 MKTG 10 by Charles W. Lamb
PS 101  Psychology: modules for active learning (12th ed.)
PS 203  Foundations of sport and exercise psychology by Robert S. Weinberg (6th ed.)
PS 203 (2nd copy)  Foundations of sport and exercise psychology by Robert S. Weinberg (5th ed.)
PS 310  Health psychology by Deborah Fish Ragin
SO 131  Questioning gender by Robyn Ryle
TH 101  Welcome to hospitality by K.S. Chon


Total Number of Items : 92

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