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New Acquisitions September 2017

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000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism 
070.44932 S332 Overload: finding the truth in today's deluge of news by Bob Schieffer 

100-199 Philosophy and Psychology 
153.85 G227 c.3 Changing minds: the art and science of changing our own and other people's... by Howard Gardner 


200-299 Religion 

 300-399 Social Sciences  
302.23 P858 Amusing ourselves to death: public discourse in the age of show business by Neil Postman 
302.230835 V174  Plugged in: how media attract and affect youth by Patti M. Valkenburg 
303.33 I17 c.2  Lifting the veil by David Icke
303.6 P655  The better angels of our nature: why violence has declined by Steven Pinker
305.40973 C712 c.2  America's women: four hundred years of Gail Collins
306.768 K394  Before I had the words: on being a transgender young adult by Skylar Kergil 
342.730878 G488  Tainted witness: why we doubt what women say about their lives by Leigh Gilmore 
363.2 E937  So you want to be a cop: what everyone should know Alley Evola 
364.973 R119  Ghost of the innocent man: a true story of trial and redemption by Benjamin Rachlin 
378.1662 M767  How to get into the top law schools by Richard Montauk 
400-499 Language 
500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics 


600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management 
650.1 G227  (2 copies) Five minds for the future by Howard Gardner
650.1 J171 (2 copies)  Life is good: the book by Bert Jacobs 
657.9042 F761  Accounting for the numberphobic: a survival guide for small business owners by Dawn Fotopulos 
658.054 P332  Online business from scratch: launch your own seven-figure... by Matthew Paulson 
658.456 G324  Event planning: management & marketing for successful events by Alex Genadinik 

700-799 The Arts
746.92092 M478 Alexander McQueen: savage beauty by Andrew Bolton 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric 
808.8 L776 2013 (2 copies) Literature: a portable anthology
811.54 P279n  The nightlife: poems by Elise Paschen
811.5408 F692   For a living: the poetry of work 
811.6 S272m  Madness by Sam Sax 
813.52 Y49b (2 copies) Bread givers: a novel by Anzia Yezierska 
813.54 K54i  It: a novel by Stephen King 
813.54 L183i c.2  Interpreter of maladies: stories by Jhumpa Lahiri 
813.54 S583c c.2  Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko 
813.6 G996h (2 copies) Homegoing: a novel by Yaa Gyasi 
823.912 O79n (2 copies)  1984: a novel by George Orwell 

900-999 Geography and History
DVD Comedy M633 2017  A midsummer night's dream 
DVD Documentary B591  The big buy Tom Delay's stolen congress 
DVD Documentary C339  Casino Jack 
DVD Documentary C485  Chasing ice 
DVD Documentary D793  Drunk in public 
DVD Documentary E562  Encirclement 
DVD Documentary F684  Food choices 
DVD Documentary G248 c.2 2014  Gasland. Part II 
DVD Documentary G3265 Generation jobless 
DVD Documentary G373  Germans & Jews history is the memory of the people 
DVD Documentary G643  Gonzo the life and work Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 
DVD Documentary H673  His way: a portrait of Hollywood legend Jerry Weintraub 
DVD Documentary I298  The illusionists 
DVD Documentary L897  Love v. Kentucky 
DVD Documentary M194  Magic trip Ken Kesey's search for a kool place 
DVD Documentary M554  Merchants of doubt 
DVD Documentary S699  Sonicsgate: requiem for a team 
DVD Documentary U551  Under the turban 
DVD Drama O944  Out of the darkness 
DVD Drama S946  Suffragette 
DVD FL/French H668  Hiroshima mon amour 
DVD 339.46 P879  Poverty, Inc. 
DVD 363.7 R595  The rise of ecology: 10 disasters that changed the world 
DVD 613.2 I351  In defense of food an eater's manifesto 
DVD 613.2 T367  That sugar film 

AN 101 c.2  Cultural Richard H. Robbins
CJ 101 c.2  CJ2015 by James A. Fagin
CJ 210  The police in America 
CJ 215 Criminal investigation by Michael D. Lyman 
CJ 316  The practice of research in criminology and criminal justice by Ronet Bachman 
CJ 410  Criminal justice ethics: theory and practice by Cyndi Banks 
CJ 420  Criminological theories: introduction, evaluation, and application by Ronald L. Akers 
CM 100 c.2  Human communication in society by Jess K. Alberts 
CM 332  Write to TV: out of your head and onto the screen by Martie Cook 
CS 233  Guide to networking essentials by Greg Tomsho 
CS 245  Microsoft Office 365 & Access 2016. Introductory by Mark Shellman 
EN 001/EN 101 c.3  Easywriter by Andrea A. Lunsford 
EN 101/EN 102 (2 copies)  The writer's presence: a pool of readings 
GV 101  The logic of American politics by Samuel Kernell 
HI 115 v.2  Out of many: a history of the American people  
MBA 5000  Strategic management communication: for leaders by Robyn Walker 
MG 202 c.2  Fundamentals of human resource management by Raymond A. Noe 
MG 304  Business ethics: ethical decision making and cases by O.C. Ferrell 
MG 315 c.2  International management: strategy and culture in the emerging world by David Ahlstrom 
PH 101  A short history of philosophy by Robert C. Solomon 
PS 101 c.6  Psychology: modules for active learning by Dennis Coon 
PS 210  Statistics: a tool for social research by Joseph F. Healey 
SC 103  What is life?: a guide to biology with physiology by Jay Phelan 
SC 129  Human biology by Sylvia S. Mader 
SC 133  Laboratory manual [to accompany] Chemistry: an Karen Timberlake 
SM 101 c.2  Principles and practice of sport management
SM 320  Sport leadership in the 21st century by John F. Borland
SO 101 c.2  Sociology: a down-to-earth approach by James M. Henslin 
SO 131  Questioning gender: a sociological exploration by Robyn Ryle 
TH 201  Hospitality sales and marketing by James R. Abbey 
TH 406  Special events: a new generation and the next frontier by Joe Jeff Goldblatt 

Reference Books  
REF 378.73 P485f 2018 (3 copies)  4 year colleges
REF 650.14 B691 2018 (4 copies) What color is your parachute? 


Total Number of Items : 98

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