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Reference Books
REF 650.14 Y31c Knock 'em dead cover letters: cover letters and strategies... by Martin John Yate
REF 650.14 Y31r   Knock 'em dead resumes: a killer resume gets more job interviews! by Martin John Yate 

000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism
070.4 K883 The elements of journalism: what newspeople should know and the... by Bill Kovach 

100-199 Philosophy and Psychology
150.1957 F932o On being human by Erich Fromm 
152.4 G625  Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman 
153.9 A341  Practical intelligence: the art and science of common sense by Karl Albrecht 
172 W428  The great tradeoff: confronting moral  conflicts in the era of globalization by Steven R. Weisman 
200-299 Religion
200.973 W927 World religions in America: an introduction 
294.3 I61  An introduction to the Buddha and his teachings 

300-399 Social Sciences
303.34 P964 Profiles in leadership: historians on the elusive quality of greatness 
305.40973 C712 [HI 132}  America's women: four hundred years of dolls, drudges, helpmates... by Gail Collins 
305.48896 R311  Recovering the Black female body: self representations... 
305.8 H118  Two nations: black and white, separate, hostile, unequal... by Andrew Hacker 
305.800973 W813b  Between Barack and a hard place: racism and white denial... by Tim J. Wise 
305.800973 W813d  Dear White America: letter to a new minority... by Tim J. Wise 
306.7 W119  American hookup: the new culture of sex on campus by Lisa Wade 
306.766 D446  LGBTQ stats: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender... by David Deschamps 
320.082 H417  Women on the run: gender, Danny Hayes 
320.082 H496   Women and politics in a global world by Sarah Henderson 
320.082 W872 Women and elective office: past, present, and future 
323.042 P558  Brown is the new white: how the demographic revolution... by Steve Phillips 
324.73 J762  U.S. Media and elections in flux: dynamics and strategies... by David A. Jones 
332.1 S492  The unbanking of America... by Lisa Servon 
336.2 S328  Taxing the rich: a history of fiscal fairness in the United Kenneith F. Scheve
342.730858 F461  Game faces: sport celebrity and the laws of reputation by Sarah K. Fields 
361.7 B622 Philanthrocapitalism: how giving can save the world by Matthew Bishop 
391 R484p  A portrait of fashion: six centuries of dress... by Aileen Ribeiro 
391.413 K22  Sneakers: fashion, gender, and subculture by Yuniya Kawamura 
398.2 P 822 c.3  Monsters in America... by W. Scott Poole
400-499 Language
500-599 Natural Science and Mathematics
600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management
613.2 T222 The case against sugar by Gary Taubes 
616.398 T238  Schooled on fat: what teens tell us about gender... by Nicole Taylor 
616.8582 F196  The psychopath inside: a neuroscientist's personal journey into... by James H. Fallon 
616.85882 W721  Nobody nowhere: the remarkable autobiography of an autistic girl by Donna Williams
641.303 F654  Eating animals by Jonathan Safran Foer 
700-799 The Arts
791.4308996 Y948 Reel inequality: Hollywood actors and racism by Nancy Wang Yuen 
792.028 C639  The actor's workbook: a practical guide to training... by Alex Clifton 
796.323 B261zc  Bad news: the turbulent life of Marvin Barnes... by Mike Carey 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric
809.3872 P745 [EN 182] The poetics of murder: detective fiction and literary theory  
811.54 R381i  Imaginary vessels by Paisley Rekdal 
813.3 M531m  Moby Dick by Herman Melville 
813.52 C456b  The big sleep by Raymond Chandler 
813.54 K36a  An Albany trio: three novels... by William Kennedy
813.54 M912d  Devil in a blue dress... by Walter Mosley 
813.54 W592i (2 copies)  The intuitionist by Colson Whitehead
813.6 G748c (2 copies)  Claire Dewitt and the city of the dead by Sara Gran
895.635 M972aq (2 copies)  After the quake: stories by Haruki Murakami 
900-999 Geography and History
916.96 H198 2016 Mauritius, Reunion & Sychelles, a travel survival kit (Lonely Planet) 
917.3 G549 50 great American places... by Brent D. Glass
917.304 J545 2015 Road trip USA 
919.595 H263 2016  Vanuatu: a travel survival kit (Lonely Planet) 
958.104 G655  Afghanistan's endless war... by Larry P. Goodson 
958.1046 R224  Taliban: militant Islam, oil and... by Ahmed Rashid 
973.8 D768  Capitol men: the epic story... by Philip Dray 
973.932 O121  The audacity of hope... by Barack Obama 


DVD 305.2351 B793 Boys to men? 
DVD 306.7087 B561  Best and most beautiful things 
DVD 379.73 E244  Education Inc. 
DVD 615.372 V391  Vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe 
DVD 709.2 P376  Peggy Guggenheim: art addict 
DVD 782.42 L349  The last waltz 
DVD 796.42 F853  Free to run 
DVD 940.5318 T531  Three days in Auschwitz 
DVD 954.91053 A523  Among the believers 
DVD 956.70443 U589  The unknown known 
DVD Documentary A452  Almost holy 
DVD Documentary A489  Amazonia 
DVD Documentary B559  The best democracy money can buy 
DVD Documentary B979  Business of disaster 
DVD Documentary C322  Cartel land 
DVD Documentary C699 Colliding dreams 
DVD Documentary H476  Hell and back again 
DVD Documentary I633  The invisible war 
DVD Documentary J614 Jim: the James Foley story 
DVD Documentary K498  Kimjongilia 
DVD Documentary M495  Meet the renegades 
DVD Documentary M978  Murder rap: inside the Biggie and Tupac murders 
DVD Documentary T979  Two towns of Jasper 
DVD Documentary W569  Where to invade next 
DVD Drama A516  An American werewolf in London 
DVD Drama B619 2017  The birth of a nation 
DVD Drama W853  The wolf of wall street 
DVD FL/French D611  The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie 
DVD FL/Korean M995  My love, don't cross that river 
Children's Books
Ch. Lit. M481l Let's clap, jump, sing, & shout... by Pat McKissack


AC 121/AC 122 Accounting (25th ed.)  by Carl S. Warren 
CJ 333 Sexual offenses and offenders... by Karen J. Terry 
CJ 333  Unsafe in the ivory tower... by Bonnie Fisher 
CM 101  Converging media... by John V. Pavlik 
CM 230  The film experience... by Timothy Corrigan 
CS 115  Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud revealed by Elizabeth Eisner Reding 
CS 310  Android boot camp for developers using Java... by Corinne Hoisington 
EC 101/102  Economics by Stephen L. Slavin
EN 001 / EN 101 (2 copies)  Easywriter by Andrea A. Lunsford
HS 402  American social welfare policy by Howard Jacob Karger 
MG 441  Strategic management and competitive advantage by Jay B. Barney 
PS 320 The psychology of human sexuality by Justin J. Lehmiller
SM 201  Applied sport management skills by Robert N. Lussier 
SM 201  Successful coaching by Rainer Martens 
SM 304  Introduction to sport law by John O. Spengler 
TH 310  Managing housekeeping operations by Aleta Nitschke 

Total Number of Items : 103

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