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New Acquisitions January 2016

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100-199 Philosophy and Psychology

154 M423 The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience by Robert Masters

300-399 Social Sciences
302.23 N452 The Media and Public Life by John C. Nerone
 305.5 T725 Plutocracy in America by Ronald P. Formisano
 305.568 R787 American Hippies by W.J. Rorabaugh
 306.4 L537 Hip: the History by John Leland
 323.042 H685 Do Facts Matter? by Jennifer L. Hochschild
 323.042 P945 Tomorrow's Change Makers by Marilyn Price-Mitchell
 331.1377 B334 End Unemployment Now by Raveendra N. Batra
 332.024 Q73h How to Make your Money Last by Jane Bryant Quinn
 338.04 D537 Bold: How to go Big by Peter Diamandis
 338.9 F311 Change Everything by Christian Felber
 364.36 N422 A Return to Justice by Ashley Nellis
 381.456413 K849 We are Market Basket by Daniel Korschun
600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management
 616.8914 Y191 The Gift of Therapy by Irvin D. Yalom
 658.314 V417 Fun is Good by Mike Veeck
 658.4012 H431 (2) HBR's 10 Must Reads on Strategy

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric
808.02 K466 Good Prose: The Art of Nonfiction by Tracy Kidder 
810.8092 T4481 The Bridge Called My Back
811.54 R586ss A Small Story About the Sky by Alberto Rios
811.608 B5613 2015 Best New Poets 2015
813.52 D291h The Honorable Barbarian by L. Sprague De Camp  
813.52 H488zho Papa Hemingway by A. E. Hotchner
813.52 H488zm A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
813.54 C579zh A House of My Own: Stories From My Life by Sandra Cisneros
813.54 D637r Ragtime by E. L. Doctorow
813.6 W7246v The Visiting Privilege by Joy Williams
900-999 Geography and History
916.49 C813 Canary Islands
972.9403 G299 The Haitian Revolution by David Patrick Geggus


 DVD Comedy L352 Las Vegas
 DVD Comedy S631 Slacker
 DVD Documentary D616 Divide in Concord
 DVD Documentary H919 The Human Experiment
 DVD Documentary H948 The Hunting Ground
 DVD Documentary L349 The Last Colony
 DVD Documentary L778 Little White Lie
 DVD Documentary M149 Machine Gun Preacher
DVD Documentary M435 Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine
 DVD Documentary M972 ​A Murder in the Park
 DVD Documentary N712 1971
 DVD Documentary P839 Port Protection: Season 1
 DVD Documentary T451 ​This Time Next Year
 DVD Documentary T8595 ​The Trouble with Chicken
​DVD Documentary W566 ​When the Checks Stop Coming In
 DVD Documentary Y476r The Yes Men are Revolting
 DVD Documentary Y952 Yukon River Run: Season 1
 DVD Drama A599 Animals
 DVD Drama D623 Django Unchained
 DVD Drama P297 Paths of Glory
 DVD Drama W582 White Dig
 DVD FL/Farsi A156 About Elly
 DVD 294.5092 A964 Awake: The Life of Yogananda
 DVD 305.42 G895 GTFO
 DVD 306.766 D631 Do I Sound Gay?
 DVD 306.768 M236 Mala Mala
 DVD 362.883 R216 Frontline. Rape on Night Shift
 DVD 616.12075 M235 Making Rounds
 DVD 813.54 B972 Burroughs the Movie
 DVD 917.59 A512 America's Castles. Florida's Grand Estates
 DVD 917.59 O962 Over Florida
 DVD 962.056 S773 The Square
Children's Books
PB B155sr Ch. Lit. Shubert Rants and Raves by Rebecca Anne Bailey
PB S399o Ch. Lit 100 Things That Make Me Happy by Amy Schwartz



CM 203 Writing for televsion, radio, and new media by Robert L. Hilliard
EN 195 Anatomy of film by Bernard Dick
MK 340  Sport marketing by Bernard James Mullin

Total Number of Items : 66

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