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Reference Books   
REF 317.3 W927 2018 (3 copies)  The World almanac and book of facts 2018 
000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism 
001 B651  Flawless consulting: a guide to getting your expertise used by Peter Block 
100-199 Philosophy and Psychology 

200-299 Religion 
300-399 Social Sciences 
305.42 E575  Beauty sick: how the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls and women by Renee Engeln 
336.2 S632  Taxing ourselves: a citizen's guide to the debate over taxes by Joel Slemrod 
362.2 P888  No one cares about crazy people: the chaos and heartbreak of mental Ron Powers 

400-499 Language
500-599 Natural Science and Mathematics
500 G846 The cat in the box: a history of science in 100 experiments by Mary Gribbin 

600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management
616.83 S271 Dancing with elephants: mindfulness training for those living Jarem Sawatsky 
636.5 M155  Big chicken: the incredible story of how antibiotics created modern Maryn McKenna 
646.72 B513  Botox nation: changing the face of America by Dana Berkowitz 
658.4012 S646 How to write a business plan: business planning in plain English by Elliot J. Smith 
658.406 B959  Organization change: theory and practice by W. Warner Burke 
658.85 K967  The sales survival handbook: cold calls, commissions, and caffeine Ken Kupchik 

700-799 The Arts   

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric 
811.54 D869sc  Scald by Denise Duhamel 
811.6 R196s Scriptorium: poems by  Melissa Range 
812.52 M647d  Death of a salesman: certain private conversations in two Arthur Miller 
813.6 S951b  Beneath a scarlet sky: a novel by Mart T. Sullivan 
821.914 G827t  There now: poems by Eamon Grennan 
821.92 M918Ac  Coming in to land: selected poems 1975-2015 by Andrew Motion 

900-999 Geography and History   
914.9235 L565 2016  Amsterdam (Lonely Planet)
914.972 D759 2017 Croatia (Lonely Planet) 

DVD Comedy G394  Get smart. Season 1 
DVD Documentary A5110  American anarchist
DVD Documentary A543 And everything is going fine 
DVD Documentary A644 The apology 
DVD Documentary B949  Burden of dreams 
DVD Documentary E347  Eight days a week
DVD Documentary G554 Gleason 
DVD Documentary G647 Good fortune
DVD Documentary K263  Keep quiet 
DVD Documentary S578  Sign painters, a documentary 
DVD Documentary S825 Step into liquid 
DVD Documentary S965 Sustainable 
DVD Documentary T146  The talk: race in America
DVD Documentary T527  3 1/2 minutes, ten bullets
DVD Documentary T738 Tower
DVD Documentary W2536 The war show 
DVD Drama C288  Carnal knowledge 
DVD Drama C346 Cast away 
DVD Drama F331  Fences 
DVD Drama F771 The founder 
DVD Drama L318 Lara Croft Tomb Raider 
DVD Drama M654  Millie & the Lords 
DVD FL/French D621 The diving bell and the butterfly 
DVD FL/French M111  Mr. Hulot's holiday
DVD FL/German W355 The wave 
DVD FL/Italian O611 Open city 
DVD FL/Japanese D763 Dreams
DVD FL/Polish K692  Knife in the water
DVD FL/Spanish N454  Neruda 
DVD FL/Swedish M194  The magic flute 
DVD 179.3 U589 Unlocking the cage
DVD 179.9 S635 A small good thing
DVD 299.936 G615 Going clear Scientology & the prison of belief 
DVD 303.372 N714 The 99% occupancy everywhere
DVD 306.766 T768  Training rules: no drinking, no drugs, no lesbians 
DVD 306.768 M995  My transgender life 
DVD 306.768 R288  Real boy
DVD 323.1196 I111  I am not your negro 
DVD 363.7394 P719  Plastic paradise: the great Pacific garbage patch 
DVD 364.1523 W825  The witness 
DVD 364.36 T421  The call us monsters 
DVD 746.92092 D779  Dries 
DVD 782.42162 F418 Festival folk music at Newport, 1963-1966 


Children's Books   
Ch. Lit. L926l Legend by Marie Lu 
AC 121/122 (2 copies)  Accounting (26th ed.)
CJ 225  Criminal courts: structure, process, and issues
CM 105 (4th copy) Speaker's guidebook
CM 210  The associated press stylebook 2017
CM 220 (2nd copy) Grammar of the shot
CM 220  (2nd copy) Grammar of the edit
CM 230  The film experience: an introduction (5th ed.) 
CM 235  Strategic planning for public relations
CS 245 (2nd copy) Microsoft Office 365 & Access 2016
CS 245 (2nd copy)  New perspectives Office 365 & Excel 2016
EN 201 The Norton introduction to literature
EN 355 American gothic tales
FA 103  Art fundamentals: theory and practice
HS 202 Counseling strategies and interventions for professional helpers (9th ed.)
LA 204 (3rd copy)  Foundations of the legal environment of business
MG 303 (2nd copy)  Management communication: a case-analysis approach
MG 321 (3rd copy)  Five minds for the future by Howard Gardner
MG 350  Small business management  
MK 220 (2nd copy)  CB 7
PS 101  Psychology modules for active learners (14th ed.)
PS 101   Psychology modules for active learners (13th ed.) 
PS 105 (2nd copy) Development across the lifespan
PS 208  Abnormal psychology
SC 311  Forensic biology
SO 315  The matrix of race 

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