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New Acquisitions February 2017

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000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism
100-199 Philosophy and Psychology
200-299 Religion

300-399 Social Sciences
302.23 A873  Skewed: a critical thinker's guide to media bias by Larry Atkins 
305 W813  Under the affluence: shaming the poor, praising the rich... by Tim J. Wise 
305.697 I199  Burqas, baseball, and apple pie: being Muslim in America by Ranya Idliby 
320.082 N561  Broad influence: how women are changing the way America... by Jay Newton-Small 
338.04 C278  A brief history of entrepreneurship: the pioneers... by Joe Carlen 
339.48 B259  Freegans: diving into the wealth of food waste in America by Alex V. Barnard 
362.19697 F815  How to survive a plague: the inside story of how... by David France 
364.1532 G372  Campus sexual assault: college women respond by Lauren Germain 
400-499 Language

500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management
615.78 K894  Ordinarily well: the case for antidepressants by Peter D. Kramer 
647.95 K93   Grinding it out: the making of McDonald's by Ray Kroc
658.421 O521 Killing it: an entrepreneur's guide to keeping your head... by Sheryl O'Loughlin 

700-799 The Arts
791.45 T482 Television: a biography by David Thomson 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric
808.831 F745l (2 copies)  40 short stories: a portable anthology 
811.54 M576g  Garden time by W. S. Merwin
811.54 P445At Time will clean the carcass bones by Lucia Maria Perillo
811.6 B436a  Alamo theory by Josh Bell 
811.6 R211i  Incorrect merciful impulses by Camille Rankine
811.6 V994n  Night sky with exit wounds by Ocean Vuong
813.54 E473i  Invisible man by Ralph Ellison
813.54 I72wo The world according to Garp by John Irving
813.54 W188i  Infinite jest by David Foster Wallace
823.914 S664s  Swing time by Zadie Smith 
900-999 Geography and History
914.68 A543 2016 Andalucia (Lonely Planet)
914.961 T939 2017  Turkey (Lonely Planet)
914.9618 M465 2017  Istanbul (Lonely Planet)
915.2135 M659 2015  Tokyo (Lonely Planet) 
973.0491 I52  How the Irish became White by Noel Ignatiev 
973.4092 C521  Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow 
977.311 S211  My bloody life... by Reymundo Sanchez 

DVD Documentary F863 Freightened: the real price of shipping 
DVD 641.3373 C674  Coffee the drink that changed America 

AC 401 Auditing: a risk-based approach to conducting a quality audit by Karla M. Johnstone 
CJ 310  Juvenile delinquency: causes and control by Robert Agnew 
CJ 317  Elementary statistics in criminal justice research by James Alan Fox 
CM 225  This is PR: the realities of public relations by Doug Newsom 
CS 245  Information systems: a manager's guide to harnessing technology by John Gallaugher 
ED 300  Math & science for young children by Rosalind Charlesworth 
FM 225  Textiles: basics by Sara J. Kadolph 
GV 105  American law and legal systems by James V. Calvi 
MK 310  Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications by Kenneth Clow
PS 101  Psychology: modules for active learning by Dennis Coon
PS 322  Cognitive psychology by Bruce E. Goldstein
SC 131  Principles of environmental science by William P. Cunningham 
SM 201   Applied sport management skills by Robert N. Lussier 
TH 300 ServSafe manager 2013

REF 317.3 W927 2017 The world almanac and book of facts 

Total Number of Items : 47

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