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000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism 
001.95 Y737 Bunk: the rise of hoaxes, humbug, plagiarists, phonies, post-facts, and fake news by Kevin Young 
070.92 H249 Notes on a foreign country: an American abroad in a post-American world by Suzy Hansen 

100-199 Philosophy and Psychology 
150.1953 A237c  Adlerian psychotherapy by Jon Carlson 

200-299 Religion 

300-399 Social Sciences 
303.4833 N622  The death of expertise: the campaign against established knowledge and why it matters by Tom Nichols 
305.800973 R847  The color of law: a forgotten history of how our government segregated America by Richard Rothstein 
320.569 M621  My life after hate by Arno Michaels 
330 P511  The economics bible: the definitive guide to the science of wealth, money and world finance by Tevjan Pettinger 
330 R261  Doughnut economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist by Kate Raworth 
331.12 C182  Will robots take your job? : a plea for consensus by Nigel M. Cameron 
363.208996 P376  Black and blue: inside the divide between the police and Black America by Jeff Pegues 
363.55 L827  Sundown towns: a hidden dimension of American racism by James W. Loewen 
363.72 P119  The waste makers by Vance Packard 
395.54 T737  Table manners: how to behave in the modern world and why bother by Jeremiah Tower 

400-499 Language
500-599 Natural Science and Mathematics
600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management 
615.7827 D864  Grass roots: the rise and fall and rise of marijuana in America by Emily Dufton 
658.11 L864  The side hustle path: 10 proven ways to make money outside of your day job by Nick Loper 
658.456 C466  Event planning: the complete beginners guide to planning and managing successful events by Michele Chapman 

700-799 The Arts 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric 
801 S656  Devotion by Patti Smith 
808.042 T253  Teaching creative writing 
810.9 M689  Modern American memoirs 
811.54 D635d  The day's last light reddens the leaves of the copper beech by Stephen Dobyns 
811.54 G739f  Fast by Jorie Graham 
811.54 S528w  Wild beauty=Belleza salvaje: new and selected poems by Ntozake Shange 
818.54 T472p  The proud highway: saga of a desperate southern gentleman: 1955-1967 by Hunter S. Thompson
833.912 R582a  Abelard's love by Luise Rinser 
861.708 M291  Manteca!: an anthology of Afro-Latin poets 
900-999 Geography and History 
916.04 A258 2017 Africa (Lonely Planet)
917.291 S132 2017  Cuba (Lonely Planet) 
919.4 A938 2017  Australia (Lonely Planet)

DVD Comedy E565  End of the road 
DVD Comedy H641 High school 
DVD Documentary A419 All things must pass 
DVD Documentary A454 Alone in the wilderness 
DVD Documentary A787 The art of the steal 
DVD Documentary B567 Betting on zero 
DVD Documentary C531  Chicken people 
DVD Documentary C5795  Citizen Jane battle for the city 
DVD Documentary D316  Defendant 5
DVD Documentary D5985 Dirty pictures 
DVD Documentary  F2495 Fastball
DVD Documentary I109 I am
DVD Documentary L664  Leviathan 
DVD Documentary M285  Manolo the boy who made shoes for lizards 
DVD Documentary M667  Minimalism: a documentary about the important things 
DVD Documentary N567 Newtown 
DVD Documentary O157 Occupy unmasked
DVD Documentary O942  Out of Gitmo 
DVD Documentary O965 The overnighters 
DVD Documentary P119 Packed in a trunk
DVD Documentary P214 Paper clips
DVD Documentary P477 Pet fooled
DVD Documentary R119 Rachel Carson (American Experience)
DVD Documentary R943 Running from crazy
DVD Documentary S451 Seed the untold story
DVD Documentary S495 The settlers
DVD Documentary T415 These birds walk
DVD Documentary U548  Undefeated
DVD Documentary U91 Utopia
DVD Documentary W633 Whose streets? 
DVD Documentary Z586  Zero days
DVD Drama J966  Justice served 
DVD Drama L878 Lost in America 
DVD Drama S813 Steel toes
DVD FL/Chinese I432  Internal affairs 
DVD FL/Danish A787 Armadillo 
DVD FL/Korean U551 Under the sun 
DVD Horror M912 Mosquito 
DVD 305.3 R312  The red pill 
DVD 305.48896 D219 Dark girls
DVD 306.76 K479 Kiki
DVD 333.72 F465 A fierce green fire: the battle for a living planet 
DVD 338.476151 P933 Prescription thugs
DVD 363.737 F527  First daughter and the black snake 
DVD 363.7382 G786 The great invisible 
DVD 365.6 I36 Incarcerating US 
DVD 613.28332 I732 Is sugar the new fat?


FM 209 Retail buying: from basics to fashion by Richard Clodfelter
IS 220 Personal finance by Jack R. Kapoor 
PH 101 c.2 A short history of philosophy by Robert C. Solomon

Total Number of Items : 78

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