Collections- August 2016

000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism
100-199  Philosophy and Psychology
200-299  Religion
300-399 Social Sciences
302.3 J953 Tribe: on homecoming and belonging by Sebastian Junger 
305.5 I78  White trash: the 400-year untold history of class in America by Nancy Isenberg 
306.362 B184  Disposable people: new slavery in the global economy by Kevin Bales 
306.81 Y191  A history of the wife by Marilyn Yalom 
323.4 K53zle  King: a biography by David L. Lewis 
324.7 M438  Hardball: how politics is played--told by one who knows the game by Christopher Matthews 
324.973 K197  Man enough?: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the Jackson Katz 
327.41 F931 
A peace to end all peace: the fall of the Ottoman Empire... by David Fromkin 
330.122 K768   Capitalism: a short history by Jurgen Kocka
362.5 G798  Blaming the poor: the long shadow of the Moynihan Report... by Susan Greenbaum 
363.33 O966  The way of the gun: a bloody journey into the world of firearms by Iain Overton 
364.1323 C512  Thieves of state: why corruption threatens global security by Sarah Chayes 
378.1662 G569  GMAT premier 2017
378.1662 G786   GRE premier 2017
378.1662 L925  LSAT premier 2017 
378.38 I962 
Ivory tower: is college worth the cost? 
395.59 L793  The intelligent conversationalist: 31 cheat sheets that Imogen Lloyd Webber
400-499 Language


500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

519.5 T914 c.2 The visual display of quantitative information by Edward R. Tufte  
570 E938  Evolution: the whole story  

600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management

650.1 H972 The hustle economy: transforming your creativity into a career 
650.14 M864  LinkedIn: the top job hunting tips and tricks by Darryl Morley
658.314 H339  HBR guide to delivering effective feedback 
658.872 O524  Internet prophets: the world's leading experts... by Steve Olshe
700-799 The Arts
792.028 B864 The actor's business plan by Jane Brody 
792.7 H128 The last party: Studio 54, disco, and the culture... by Anthony Haden-Guest 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric

808.51 A545 TED talks: the official TED guide to public speaking by Chris Anderson 
809.926 M478  Dialogue: the art of verbal action for page, stage, screen by Robert McKee 
811.509382 B461  Beneath a single moon: Buddhism in contemporary... 
811.54 B2615t  Tongue of war: from Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki by Tony Barnstone 
811.54 R498dr  The dream of a common language: poems, 1974-1977 by Adrienne Rich
811.54 S534a  Aromatics: poems by Roberts Burns Shaw 
811.6 D272s  The small blades hurt: poems by Erica Dawson 
811.6 G795l  Lord Byron's foot: poems by George Green
811.6 H688d  Dated emcees by Chinaka Hodge
813.54 T472r  The rum diary by Hunter S. Thompson 
813.6 F545w  White oleander: a novel by Janet Fitch
818.603 F197  In the darkroom by Susan Faludi 
833.912 K11t The trial by Franz Kafka 
833.914 G768t  The tin drum by Gunter Grass 
844 M765p  Persian letters by Montesquieu 
891.733 D724c  Crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

900-999 Geography and History
915.98 I413 2016 Indonesia, a Lonely Planet travel survival kit 
917.449 B289 2016  Moon handbooks. Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket
917.53 Z723 2015 Washington, D.C.
973.931 B978zs  Bush by Jean Edward Smith 


DVD Documentary R427 Requiem for the American dream
DVD Documentary W944 The wrecking crew!
DVD Drama B629 The black stallion
DVD FL/Chinese B422 (2 copies) Beijing Bicycle
DVD FL/Danish W253  A war
DVD FL/French S518 The sex trade
Children's Books
Ch. Lit. C713hc Catching fire by Suzanne Collins
Ch. Lit. L665e  Ella enchanted by Gail Carson Levine
PB J663hf Ch. Lit. Harold's fairy tale... by Crockett Johnson
PB M584g Ch. Lit.  Grumpy pants by Claire Messer


CM 201 Persuasion: reception and responsibility by Charles U. Larson

 Reference Books  
REF 378.73 P485f 2017 4 year colleges


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