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New Acquisitions April 2016

Arranged by Call Number

000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism
100-199 Philosophy and Psychology

100 G985 What philosophy can do by Gary Gutting
133.8092 C385t There is a river: the story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue

200-299 Religion

300-399 Social Sciences
305.42 B329 Everyday sexism by Laura Bates
333.79 A435 Earth : the operators' manual by Richard B. Alley
339.522 Z57  Take the rich off welfare by Mark Zepezauer

400-499 Language


500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

510 B468 The magic of math by Arthur Benjamin
600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management

658.8342 L753 Small data: the tiny clues that uncover huge... by Martin Lin​strom

700-799 The Arts


800-899 Literature and Rhetoric

811.6 C434s Standing water by Eleanor Chai
813.52 R186w We the living by Ayn Rand
843.914 S251w  The wall (intimacy) and other stories by Jean-Paul Sartre

900-999 Geography and History

914.3 G373 Germany
914.81 H198  Norway
973.8 S783  The era of reconstruction: 1865-1877 by Kenneth Stampp
973.922 K357zsc  A thousand days by Arthur M. Schlesinger
Children's Books
Ch. Lit. J66t Toning the sweep by Angela Johnson
PB T231g Ch. Lit. Growing up Pedro by Matt Tavares

Total Number of Items : 16

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