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New Acquisitions April 2017

Arranged by Call Number

000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism
031 S785 Go figure: things you didn't know you didn't know: the Economist explains by Tom Standage 

100-199 Philosophy and Psychology

153 S129 The dragons of Eden: speculations on the evolution of human intelligence by Carl Sagan 

200-299 Religion

300-399 Social Sciences
305.3 B985  Gender trouble: feminism and the subversion of identity by Judith Butler
322.42 B627  The Black Panthers: portraits from an unfinished revolution 
323.1196 B625  Black Power 50 
330.973 L162  The one percent solution: how corporations are remaking America one state at a time by Gordon Lafer 
338.542 F491  Financial crises: causes, consequences, and policy responses 
361.74 C156  The givers: wealth, power, and philanthropy in a new gilded age by David Callahan
362.1068 B139  The emerging healthcare leader: a field guide by Laurie Baedke 
362.10973 R815  An American sickness: how healthcare became big business and how you can take it back by Elisabeth Rosenthal
364.973 A535  Anatomy of innocence: testimonies of the wrongfully convicted  
378.101 S465  The future of enrollment: where colleges will find their next students by Jeffrey J. Selingo

400-499 Language

500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management
658 C712  Good to great: why some companies make the leap--and others don't by James C. Collins 
658 D794p  The practice of management by Peter F. Drucker 
658.15224 K188  The only grant-writing book you'll ever need by Ellen Karsh 
658.4092 H339  Harvard Business Review manager's handbook: the 17 skills leaders need to stand out
658.8342 F797  Superfandom: how our obsessions are changing what we buy and who we are by Zoe Fraade-Blanar 

700-799 The Arts
780.2373 R982 The music industry handbook by Paul Rutter 
796.334 G973  How to watch soccer by Ruud Gullit 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric

811.52 C891w c.2  White buildings: poems by Hart Crane 
811.54 W847fs For the scribe by David Wojahn 
813.54 I72p  A prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving 
861 N454o   100 love sonnets by Pablo Neruda
861 O589r  Only the road=Solo el camino: eight decades of Cuban poetry 

900-999 Geography and History

910.45 D169  Two years before the mast and other voyages by Richard Henry Dana 
917.13541 C855  Fodor's Toronto 2017 
940.5318 B629  The Holocaust: history and memory by Jeremy Black
DVD Comedy G647 The goodbye girl
DVD Documentary O113  O.J.: made in America 
DVD Documentary S915  Streets of Compton 
DVD Documentary W732  Willie Velasquez: your vote is your voice 
DVD Drama D238 c.2  Daughters of the dust 
DVD Drama H636 High noon 
DVD Drama K624  The kite runner 
DVD Drama M271  Manchester by the sea 
DVD Drama M818  Moonlight 
DVD Drama S634  Slumdog millionaire 
DVD SciFi C728 1978  Coma
DVD SciFi G777  Gravity 
DVD 321.8 E967  Exploring our nation. American symbols of freedom 
DVD 325.4 F523  Fuocoammare : Fire at sea
DVD 362.11 B592  Big charity: the death of America's oldest hospital 
DVD 363.7394 P715  A plastic ocean: we need a wave of change 
DVD 612.092 T772  Transcendant man: the life and ideas of Ray Kurzweil 
DVD 614.58 S756 Spillover: zika, ebola & beyond 
DVD 781.49 S724  Soundbreaking stories from the cutting edge of recorded music 
DVD 966.62 L253  The land beneath our feet 
Children's Books
PB H777c Ch. Lit. Carrot & pea by Morag Hood 
PB R621r Ch. Lit.  Recycling by Andrea Rivera 
PB R848h Ch. Lit.  Hello spring! by Shelley Rotner

Total Number of Items : 50

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