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000-099 Computer Science, Library Science, Journalism   

100-199 Philosophy and Psychology 
158.1 R813  The book of highs: 255 ways to alter your consciousness without drugs by Edward Rosenfeld 

200-299 Religion

300-399 Social Sciences
302.231 S832  Everybody lies: big data, new data, and what the internet can tell us about who Seth Stephens-Davidowitz 
332.642 C678  Why Wall Street matters by William D. Cohan 
333.82 J688  Carbon nation: fossil fuels in the making of American culture by Robert Johnson 
339.2 T579  Durable inequality by Charles Tilly 
339.22 L752  The captured economy: how the powerful enrich themselves. slow down Brink Lindsey 
343.73082 B287  Adcreep: the case against modern marketing by Mark Bartholomew 
378.125 E571  Teaching college: the ultimate guide to lecturing, presenting, and Norman Eng 
398.2 B661  More than true: the wisdom of fairy tales by Robert Bly 

400-499 Language

500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics


600-699 Technology (Applied Sciences), Engineering, Medicine, and Management 
612.68 E334  Natural causes: an epidemic of wellness, the certainty of dying, and killing ourselves by Barbara Ehrenreich 
616.8 R724  Client-centered therapy: its current practice, implications, and theory by Carl R. Rogers 
616.8311 L989  On angels' wings: a journey through Alzheimer's with my mother by Deborah Lynn 
650.1 P524  Dying for a paycheck: how modern management harms employee Jeffrey Pfeffer 
650.14 A926  50 ways to get a job: an unconventional guide to finding work on your terms by Dev Aujla 
658 P847 c.3  Competitive strategy: techniques for analyzing industries and competitors by Michael E. Porter 
658.11 M257  The startup survivor: a new entrepreneur's guide to starting, surviving, and succeeding by Michael Maloof 

700-799 The Arts   
796.32364 S659  Hard labor: the battle that birthed the billion-dollar NBA by Sam Smith 

800-899 Literature and Rhetoric 
808.066361 G559  A guide to writing for human service professionals by Morley D. Glicken 
811.54 G512g  A good cry: what we learn from tears and laughter by Nikki Giovanni 
811.6 B238c Cape Verdean blues by Shauna Barbosa
811.6 B847i  I know your kind: poems by William Brewer 
811.6 S272m c.2  Madness by Sam Sax 
811.6 S798w  The wall by Ilan Stavans 
813.54 A887y  The year of the flood: a novel by Margaret Atwood 
813.54 E471a  American psycho: a novel by Bret Easton Ellis 
818.5409 A384y  You don't have to say you love me: a memoir by Sherman Alexie 

900-999 Geography and History 

DVD Comedy B596  Bill
DVD Comedy C339 Casino Royale 
DVD Comedy F767 Foul play 
DVD Comedy O695 The original kings of comedy 
DVD Comedy O937 Our man Flint
DVD Comedy P642  Pillow talk 
DVD Documentary F525 First position 
DVD Documentary F697  The Force 
DVD Documentary G652  Good things to do 
DVD Documentary L8815  Lost in La Mancha 
DVD Drama D111  The Da Vinci Code
DVD Drama H223 1980  Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
DVD Drama H223  1996 Hamlet
DVD Drama H223 2009  Hamlet 
DVD Drama H634  Hideous kinky 
DVD Drama J946  Julius Caesar 
DVD Drama S449  Secretary
DVD Drama S527  Shakespeare retold
DVD Drama S527a  An age of kings a cycle of the history plays of William Shakespeare
DVD Drama S964  Suspicion  
DVD FL/French T215  The taste of others 
DVD FL/Japanese K479  Kikujiro 

Children's Books 
Ch. Lit. L921go  Gooney Bird and all her charms by Lois Lowry 
Ch. Lit. W583s c.2  Stuart Little by E.B. White 
MBA 5200 Financial Reporting & Analysis by Lawrence Revsine 
MBA 5250 Management accounting: information for decision-making and strategy execution 
MBA 5600-W1 The legal and regulatory environment of business by Marisa Anne Pagnattaro 
MBA 6600  Human resource management: functions, applications, & skill development by Robert N. Lussier
Reference Books
REF 378.73 B561 2018  The best...colleges 
REF 378.73 T161   The ultimate guide to America's best colleges 2018: detailed profiles on academics...
REF 378.7446 F533c 2017  Charles Viewer
REF 378.7446 F533c 2018  Charles Viewer


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