Faculty Guide to Plagiarism and Copyright


Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers
This site offers strategies to promote awareness, prevention, and detection of plagiarism in papers.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning's Plagiarism Section
This thorough site contains papers and commentaries on plagiarism, preventative websites, software, paper dealers, and more.

"An annotated directory of articles, case studies, examples of paper mills, plagiarism detection tools, essays on ethics and copyright, and related links. Includes resources directed specifically at instructors. By Librarian Sharon Stoerger."

Thinking and Talking about Plagiarism
Professor Nick Carbone discusses how to talk about plagiarism in the classroom and how to talk to students that you suspect may have plagiarized, etc. He calls (a web-based plagiarism detection service) a "pedagogic placebo for plagiarism."


Copyright Basics Recommended by C&RL News

Copyright in the Classroom
This document explains fair and unfair use of copyrighted materials within the classroom.

Copyright on Campus Recommended by C&RL News

Copyright, What's Copyright? Recommended by C&RL News

CPSD Zoomed Comic Bound by Law, c2006; by Keith Aoki, James Boyle, Jennifer Jenkins

Crash Course in Copyright
This guide covers the basics of Fair Use as well as the topics multimedia, digital library materials, online presentations, etc. It also contains a quiz.

Fair Use & Copyrights Recommended by C&RL News

Fair Use Evaluator

How YouTube Thinks About Copyright Recommended by C&RL News

Larry Lessig on Laws that Choke Creativity Recommended by C&RL News

Remix Culture: Fair Use is Your Friend Recommended by C&RL News

Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright Recommended by C&RL News

United States Copyright Office

University of Minnesota's Decision Chart Recommended by C&RL News

YouTube Copyright School Recommended by C&RL News


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