Global Buddies Program

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The Global Buddies program seeks to introduce Fisher College international students to life in the United States and to acquaint American students with other cultures through personal interaction in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Founded on the idea that we can all learn from one another, the Global Buddies program hopes to provide a global learning experience and to strengthen the ties that international students have with their American classmates. International and American students are paired together based on common interests to foster understanding and friendship. We want to make our community your home away from home.

The initial commitment is to meet with your Buddy at least one time per month. Buddies can plan activities based on their mutual interest. Some suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting for a cup of coffee
  • Having lunch together
  • Meeting to discuss topics of mutual interest, current events, or just to talk
  • Attending a Fisher College event together, such as a play, sporting event, or field trip

To apply to be a Global Buddy, please complete an application and return it to the Center for International Programs and Services or e-mail it to Dean Pithis.


For International Students: Global Buddies International Student Application
For American Students: Global Buddies American Student Application

Come and visit us:

Center for International Programs and Services
116 Beacon Street, 3rd floor
Rooms 32 and 33
Boston, MA 02116


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