Accelerated & Professional Studies

Cost of Attendance


Accelerated and Professional Studies

Estimated Costs - DAPS Academic Year 2016-2017

On-Campus Course
Online Course
Tuition, per credit hour
$438 (Nursing Courses)
$369 (General Ed Courses)
Tuition, per three-credit course
$1,314 (Nursing Courses)
$1,107 (General Ed Courses)
Tuition, per four-credit course
Technology fee, per course
Lab fee, per course
Tuition and fees in the Division of Accelerated and Professional Studies are kept at a competitive level to assure adult students are able to afford coming back to college.

Health Insurance

Massachusetts law requires that all students have a basic package of health insurance coverage. This applies to students who are taking nine or more credit hours per semester. Options include private health insurance that is the equivalent of the State-mandated package or the Fisher College Health Insurance Plan, which also meets state requirements.

Please visit the Health Services section of our Web site for current costs and waiver information.

PLEASE NOTE: Part-time students and out-of-state online students are NOT required to obtain this Fisher College Health Insurance Plan; however, they may participate in this plan if they wish.


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