Management: Computer Information Systems Concentration

Bachelor of Science (DAY & DAPS)



Computer Information Systems Program at Fisher College

The Computer Information Systems Concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Management Program is designed to give students an understanding of business functions, management principles and the critical role of technology in any modern business or other organization. They will gain a solid foundation in computer science and information systems, while also studying management fundamentals. This program enables students who have an aptitude for technology to pursue their own areas of interest within the field and to be competent administrators within a technology-based organization.

Program highlights
  • Comprehensive curriculum covering networking, operating systems, multimedia, programming, databases and web development.
  • Unique approach to learning programming using Robotics
  • Can be taken as a stand-alone A.S. or BSM concentration and with no loss of credits from students transitioning from the A.S. to BSM degree.
  • Required internship component
  • Future CS electives such as Geographic Information Systems, Computer Vision & Applications and Computer Security & Applications

Program Requirements

Computer Information Systems Program Requirements

First Year
Credit hours
 CM105  Public Speaking 3
 CS101  Computer Concepts and Applications 3
 CS245  Management Application and Information Systems 3
 CS206  Common Experience 3
 EC101  Macroeconomics 3
 EC102  Microeconomics 3
 EN101  English I 3
 EN102  English II 3
 PS101  Introduction to Psychology 3
 MA107  College Algebra 3
   Total Credits 30
Second Year
Credit hours
 AC121  Financial Accounting
 AC122  Managerial Accounting 3
 CS205  Computer and Systems Programming I
 CS220  Service Desk Essentials 3
 CS243  Systems Analysis and Design 3
 MA121  Basic Statistics 3
 MG201  Principles of Management 3
 MK201  Principles of Marketing 3
   Lab Science Elective 4
   Free Elective 3
   Total Credits 31
 Third Year
Credit hours
 CS210  Database Design and Management 3
 CS234  Website Programming and Development
 FI201  Principles of Business Finance  1
 IS210  Professional Development for Internship 3
 LA204  Business Law 3
 MG315  International Management 3
 MG321  Organizational Behavior  3
 PS315  Social Psychology  3
   Humanities Elective  3
   Social Sciences Elective  3
   Free Elective (2)
   Total Credits 30
 Fourth Year
Credit hours
 CS233  System and Network Fundamentals 3
 CS301  Advanced Web and Application Programming  3
 CS400  Project Management 3
 MG390  Management Internship  3
 MG435  Operations Management  3
 MG441  Business Policy and Strategic Management  3
 MG450  Senior Project  3
   English Elective (300/400 Level)
   Free Elective (2)
  Total Credits

* A higher level of math (MA109/110) may be substituted. MA 117 may be taken as an elective course only.
Minimum credits required for graduation--121.

Potential Careers & Earnings


  • Information Technology Departments of various types of corporations, non-profit entities, local government and state agencies
  • Retail Technology Stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Micron Center
  • I.T. Consulting Companies
  • I.T. departments of service and education organizations (i.e. hotels, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, car dealerships, etc.)


Potential locally and regional headquartered organizations:

  • Local Marriot hotels
  • Local Westin hotels
  • The BackBay Group
  • J.Jill Corporation
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Fisher College Information Systems Department
  • Herb Chamber Group of Companies
  • IRA Motors
  • Boch Group of companies
  • Local area colleges and universities
  • Local non-profit organizations

Faculty Profiles

My love of computers began when my family purchased one of the earliest home computers, the Apple II. Being the first kid on my block with a real computer opened my eyes to the amazing technological metamorphous that is enriching all of our lives.
Since that fateful day long ago, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and an MBA in Computer Information Systems from Florida Atlantic University. While a graduate student, one of my professors selected me to work as a graduate teaching assistant in the Information Systems department. This was the start of my multi-tasking life, working in the business world during the day and teaching as an adjunct professor at night.

In the business world, I wore many hats. I have rolled out groupware to a salesforce, written code as a programmer, facilitated application development as a business analyst, become a consultant, and conducted corporate training. However, I found my true calling in teaching college students how to use technology so that they will be successful in the business world.

At Fisher College, I have finally merged my two passions. I am lucky enough to teach full-time and to teach what I love. I am an assistant professor and also the program director for the Computer Information and Systems degrees. I teach both entry-level and advanced courses for this major.

Whether you are a business student or computer student, technology is waiting for you after graduation. Together, we will prepare you for the career that is YOUR passion!

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