Medical Assistance

Associate of Science Degree (DAPS)



Medical Assistant Program at Fisher College

The medical field can be very exciting and can provide gratifying career opportunities. Imagine working as a medical assistant in a busy physician's office or in a clinic. The Medical Assistant program will give you the administrative and clinical skills which enable you to assume key responsibilities in outpatient clinics or medical offices. A key element in this program is a professional internship after the required course work has been completed. The internship will provide you with the valuable, first-hand experience that future employers seek.

Program Requirements

Medical Assistant Program Requirements

First Year

Credit hours
AA223 Introduction to Microsoft Word 3
EN101 English I 3
EN102 English II 3
MA106 Elementary Algebra* 3
ME102 Administrative Procedures for the Medical Office 3
ME205 Clinical Assisting I 3
PS101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SC101 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
SC102 Anatomy and Physiology II 4

Social Sciences Elective 3

Total Credits 32

Second Year

Credit hours
CM105 Public Speaking 3
LA121 Law and Ethics of Health Care 3
ME190 Medical Assistant Internship 4
ME201 Medical Terminology 3
ME206 Clinical Assisting II 3
ME213 Medical Insurance Billing 3
ME225 Medical Record Transcription 3
SC141 Introduction to the Study of Disease 3
SC221 Introduction to Pharmacology 3

Humanities Elective 3

Total Credits 31
* A higher level of math (MA107, MA109, MA110 or MA121) may be substituted.
Minimum credits required for graduation--63

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