To request a refund:
  1. Download and print the REFUND REQUEST FORM (.pdf)
  2. Fill out the information above the ADMISSION / BURSAR section.
  3. Sign and date the request and select how you should receive the check.
  4. Keep a copy for yourself and mail the original request to:
    Fisher College
    Attn: Bursar Office - Refund
    118 Beacon Street
    Boston, MA 02116
  5. Your request will be processed when all Loans, Scholarships, and Grants are posted to your account for the semester or term and you have a credit balance on your account.
  6. The refund process will begin in the 6th week of each semester or term for students receiving Loans, Scholarships, and Grants. Only paying students may receive their refunds before the 6th week if there is a credit on the account.
Contact Information:
Phone: 617-236-5403
Fax: 617-236-5401

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