Accepting Your Award

Accepting Your Award
We do not require that you officially accept your offer of assistance. We will assume that you accept the entire aid package unless you specifically notify us in writing that you wish to decline all or part of the award.

Declining Your Award
Should you decide to decline any part of your award, we ask you indicate in writing which type(s) of assistance you are reducing or declining. Please sign, date, and return the letter to our office; you may wish to make a copy of it for your files. ​Please send written notification to Award components can be declined at any time.

Additional documentation may be required for some types of aid that you have been awarded. Below are the common examples:

Federal Direct Loans
Students must complete an online entrance interview and a master promissory note (MPN) for the loan to be processed. Online entrance interviews and MPNs can be completed at The Federal Direct Loan will not be processed until the entrance interview and MPN is complete.

Federal Perkins Loans
Students are required to sign a promissory note, schedule of advances and entrance counseling before any funds can be deposited into your student account. Perkins entrance interviews can be completed at Perkins promissory notes and schedule of advances will need to be done ​at the Office of Financial Aid.

Student Employment
For students who have been offered Federal Work-Study, they must complete both an I-9 and W-4 with the Office of Financial Aid to work on campus. Required documents must be presented in person.


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