Archive Project

Launched at Reunion 2010, the Archive Project finds Digital Documentary students interviewing returning alumni and capturing their stories for the ages. Listen to what alumni told us—about what Fisher was like when they attended, where they have gone, and why they came back to campus.

Thank you to the alumni who shared their stories, and, as a result, influence the lives of Fisher students. Thank you to the students who have made the Archive Project a Fisher tradition.

Susan Rogers '99Describe your Fisher College experience in one word?
Susan (Gunn) Rogers '99
Susan Smith '60What do Jerry Vale and shorthand have in common?
Susan (Allen) Smith '60
Leslie (Damon) Somers '67What was Fisher like in the 1960s?
Leslie (Damon) Somers '67
Kathleen Lord '50“MIT boys were told not to stop at the Fisher docks."
Clip #1 Kathleen “Kay" (Strickland) Lord '50
Norma (Bohannon) Sanderson ?¢a????66What means the most to you from your time at Fisher?
Norma (Bohannon) Sanderson '66
Nancy Di Benedetto ?¢a??a?¢60 Who were your most influential teachers?
Nancy DiBenedetto '60
Kathleen Lord '50"I fought to wear bobby socks."
Clip #2 Kathleen (Strickland) Lord '50
Kathleen Lord '50“Do you have any idea what you're getting into with this one?" M. Fisher
Clip # 3 Kathleen “Kay" (Strickland) Lord '50
Diana Ashley '80How did Fisher College help you?
Diana Ashley '80
Connie Lawler '60"As the planes lined up on the tarmac, we raised the flag of the United States."
Connie Lawler '60
Beverly Peyser '55"I worked for an aviatrix."
Clip #1 Beverly (Lydon) Peyser '55
Beverly Peyser '55Did you have any favorite teachers?
Clip #2 Beverly (Lydon) Peyser '55
Lee Dumont '80"We made a snowman and brought it up to the dorm."
Lee Dumont '80
Lorraine Dembria"In the second year, we had the northeast blackout..."
Lorraine Dembria '67
Virginia Norris Taylor '80"I think I got a very good education at Fisher and they were some of my happiest years."
Virginia (Norris) Taylor '66
Fisher Alumna"I'm proud of Fisher"
Elaine Silverman '61
Fisher Alum"Fisher met my goal"
Mary Perdikes '49
Scott Fisher"Online Education"
Dr. Scott Fisher '51
 Scott Fisher '51"If you haven't lived in Boston, you haven't lived."
Dr. Scott Fisher '51
Fisher alumniFisher Song (Junior Alma Mater)
Dorice (Marsden) Currie '76
Shiela (Ott) Jackson '76
Cheryl (Joslyn) Grand '76


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