Meet Our Students

Ryoji Okada
Major: Business Administration

Unlike larger colleges that tend to sprawl across huge city tracts, the entire campus is nestled within one city block on Beacon Street. The location is the best: smack in the middle of Boston and close to everything. To match the smaller campus, there's a small student body as well as smaller class sizes. I feel comfortable participating in class discussions - doing so in a large lecture hall would be intimidating.

I started attending Fisher mid-year, at the start of the second semester. Being from Japan, I knew no one when I arrived. Contrary to what I thought would be an awkward beginning, everyone at the college made me feel so welcomed. Living in the dorms, I quickly made new friends. The dorm rooms are clustered close to one another, making it so easy to get involved in discussions, study groups, and outings.

My English is continually improving with the help of everyone I interact with. When I look puzzled after hearing some slang speech, someone is always quick to explain its meaning. I am always meeting new people who want to learn Japanese. It is very gratifying to be able to help others, especially after having received so much help here at Fisher.

International Student Dahi Lee
From: Korea
Major: Business Management

Boston is a traditional and beautiful city. There are many old buildings and wonderful parks. The scenery is very good, and the city is near the beach and several rivers, so people can rest easily. The people are very kind and friendly. Boston is a really good place to live.

Fisher College is a very good school for me. It is located on Beacon Street, near downtown and a park. When I go to the school, I see a very pretty view. At Fisher, all the teachers are nice. If I have questions, they always answer my questions in a friendly way.

I love my two English teachers. At first, I don't know how to make an outline or use citations. However, I have improved my English and I can write essays well. It has given me confidence to speak English.


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