Less Than Full Time Attendance

Students in the Day Division are considered less than full-time when their enrolled in class credits are less than 12 credits per semester.

Students must notify the Financial Aid office about any change in planned period of enrollment, whether due to withdrawal from a class, a leave of absence, change in academic division, or withdrawal from the University. Students are awarded financial aid based on a full-time load. Students should consult with their financial aid counselor prior to adjusting their academic load to less than full-time to understand the implications this change in status will have on their Offer of Financial Assistance.

Any student who takes or adjusts their academic load to less than full time must be fully aware of all implications on their financial assistance. Any student who decreases their enrollment to less than full-time will be subject to an adjustment in their financial aid. Students must be enrolled for at least six credits in a full semester to be eligible for nearly all forms of financial assistance.


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