Bachelor of Arts in Biology (Day)

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at Fisher College has been developed to provide students with a broad and thorough foundation in the biological sciences. Students gain exposure to diverse fields of biology, from cellular levels - including microbiology, cell biology, and genetics - to organismal levels, such as ecology, evolution, and animal behavior. The Biology Program consists of 40 credits of designated biology courses, along with 17 credits of related chemistry/math courses, and 18-20 elective credits within the discipline.

Fisher College’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology serves as a strong fundamental scientific base from which many career options are available, including employment across fields that intersect with biology. Graduates of the Biology degree can obtain traditional laboratory technician jobs in clinical, academic, or industrial research laboratories. The Biology degree also prepares its graduates for jobs in numerous other settings, including: pharmaceutical positions such as sales or research; science outreach in museums, zoological parks, marine laboratories or educational organizations; medical equipment sales; science writing in textbook, research, or other scientific organizations and publication platforms; patent law; and forensic analysis. In addition, graduates may pursue post-bachelor certifications for zoology and animal care; secondary education; as well as graduate, medical, dental, physical therapy, or veterinary training and other advanced degrees.

What Makes Fisher’s Program Special?
The Biology program offers small class sizes; opportunities for review of material with professors; tutoring resources; many free electives and program electives to tailor students’ Biology trajectory to their interests; and full-time and part-time faculty members with diverse interests and experiences across the field of Biology. These unique qualities of the Biology program prioritize student success in small settings with individualized attention for an enriching education. Additionally, students seeking a degree in Biology can participate in a variety of opportunities, including field trips, speaker series from prestigious members of Boston’s science and medical communities, conferences, and networking events.

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