Fisher College Faculty

Margaret (peg) pribulick, PH.D., RN
assistant professor, Nursing
program: RN to BSN
Contact Information
Office Location: 370 Oak Street, Brockton, MA 02301
  • B.S., Nursing, Binghamton University
  • M.S., Community Health Nursing, Binghamton University
  • Ph.D., Rural Nursing, Binghamton University
Dr. Pribulick is the first full time faculty to join the RN to BSN Completion Program at Fisher College/. She began her nursing career in upstate New York where she was a telemetry nurse before entering graduate school. While a graduate student, she worked on a NIH grant researching cardiovascular disease in rural women. The results of this study have been published in The Journal of Rural Health. Her dissertation was based on this study and was published in the Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care. Dr. Pribulick has disseminated her findings at nursing conferences and symposiums. She comes to Fisher College from Norwich University, where she developed an interest in simulation teaching in addition to her clinical specialty of Community Health nursing and interest in nursing research. In addition to expertise in cardiovascular disease in women, she brings expertise in community health, school health and home care, and hospice nursing.
Teaching Philosophy
I believe that effective bachelor’s education for the registered nurse learner needs to address whole individuals as they fit in society, as they work with others, and as they grow and develop. My philosophy comes from my own experiences as a RN student and the many respectful mentoring relationships I had with faculty who now number among the most valued of my colleagues. I also strongly support the tenants of nursing ethics in both education and practice in our contemporary society with its many ethical challenges.

Research Publications/Research Grants

Pribulick, M. & Fahs, P.S., Spencer, G., Grabo, T.N., Wiitala, S. (in press). C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP), Diet, and Physical Activity in Rural Women , (Scheduled for publication May 2013 in the Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, 13(1), xx-xx.)

Fahs, P.S., Pribulick, M., Williams, I.C. James, G.D., Rovynak, V., & Seibold-Simpson, S.M. (2012). Promoting Heart Health In Rural Women. Journal of Rural Health, Advanced Online Publication, DOI: 10.111/j.1748-0361.2012.00442.x .

Kalman, M., Fahs, P.S., Wells, M., Blumkin, A., Pribulick, M. & Rolland, R. (In press). Education to Increase Women’s Knowledge of Female Myocardial Infarction Symptoms. The Journal of the New York State Nurses Association.

Pribulick, M., Williams, I.C., & Fahs, P.S. (2010). Strategies to Reduce Barriers

in Study Recruitment and Participation Among Rural Women. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Healthcare, 10(1), 22-33.

Presentations/Research Conferences

October 2011   Pribulick, M. The Effects of Nurse-Run Diet & Physical Activity Intervention on CRP. The Canopy of Health Care for Rural and Underserved Populations: Strengthening the Root System. The Binghamton University Decker School of Nursing and the Rural Nurse Organization Conference. October 5-7, 2011 (Refereed).

April 2010 Fahs P.S., & Pribulick, M., on behalf of the Promoting Heart Health Research Team, (NY) Heart Disease and Rural Women-Lessons Learned. Conversations in the Discipline: Matters of the Heart Conference. April 16, 2010 (Invited).


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