Fisher College Faculty

J. Steven Pelles, M.F.A.J. Steven Pelles
Assistant professor, mathematics
program: liberal arts & sciences

Contact Information
Office Location: 111 Beacon Street, 4th Floor
  • A.B., Mathematics/ Geology, Bowdoin College
  • M.F.A., Art Education, Boston University

Steven Pelles arrived at Fisher College in 2000, where he is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Before coming to Fisher, Mr. Pelles has worked with students of various cultural backgrounds in mathematics at Bunker Hill Community College, has owned and operated two businesses in Quincy Marketplace in Boston, and has worked in industry.

His geologic studies turned into an avid hobby of mineral collecting with which he has been involved throughout the majority of his life. In addition, he free lances as an artist using acrylics and mixed media. His primary interest in mathematics is its application to the physical sciences. This was inspired when he saw how calculus and differential equations were used by Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer, to prove the laws of planetary motion.

Teaching Philosophy
While I was working with students at Bunker Hill Community College, I came to realize that I wanted to become a full-time mathematics college professor. It has been a pleasure to have achieved this goal at Fisher College.

The field of mathematics education offers its own set of challenges. Each classroom contains students with a diverse range of skills, educational backgrounds, and attitudes towards learning. My principle objective is to develop quantitative reasoning skills. One way of doing this is by showing the connection between arithmetic and algebraic concepts. Through various interactive activities in the classroom,  teaching methods are used that are both flexible and adaptive to the various learning styles of the students.

I always want to strive to make my students be the best that they can be. For me, A great educator is one who can teach the common thing uncommonly well, has a passion for his field, and a compassion towards those to whom he teaches it.



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