Fisher College Faculty

Heidi A. Hendershott, Ph.D.
ASSOCIATE professor
Director, Center for teaching excellence
Program: communications and media studies

Contact Information
Office Location: 118 Beacon Street, 5th Floor

  • B.A., Communication Studies, University of Hartford
  • M.A., Mass Communications, Media Studies, Pennsylvania State University
  • Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Hendershott began teaching Communication and Media Studies at Fisher College in 2009. Prior to coming to Fisher, Dr. Hendershott was a faculty member in Communication at the University of San Diego for eight years. She also taught at Penn State University as a graduate Instructor in the College of Communication for five years. In conjuncture with her teaching experience, Dr. Hendershott has also worked in the fields of journalism and public relations throughout California.

Teaching Philosophy
Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach that integrates media studies, critical media pedagogy, and cultural studies, Dr. Hendershott's research focuses on the history, production, reception, and political economy of the media with specific emphasis on popular music and film. She has presented her work at the National Popular Culture Association Conference, as well as numerous state and regional conferences in communication and education. Her work has been published in The Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies.

“My grandfather has always said, ‘Teaching is the family business.’  As a fourth generation academic, I take that business very seriously.  I always look forward to class and work hard to share my enthusiasm for the diverse and exciting field of communication and media studies with my students.”


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