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Anthony BakeR, PH.D.
associate professor
program: management

Contact information
Office Location: 108 Beacon Street, 6th Floor

  • A.S., Management, Community College of Rhode Island
  • B.S., Management Technology, New England Institute of Technology
  • M.B.A., Organizational Leadership, Johnson and Wales University
  • Ph.D., Management, Walden University


Dr. Anthony Baker started teaching leadership and management courses at Fisher College September 2012. He possesses over ten years’ of higher education teaching experience and has previously taught at the Community College of Rhode Island, Providence College, and Anne Arundel Community College. His teaching experience includes developing and managing a small business and entrepreneurship incubator program for students pursuing a degree in small business management. He has been published in the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship and National Business Education Association Forum; and is a co-author or a contributing writer for several books on leadership and management that have been used by the US Army and US Navy War Colleges. Teaching is his third career over a forty year time frame, which includes an enlisted military career from 1974 – 1996 and a small business owner and manager career from 1996 to 2005. Additionally, he has worked as a consultant for various firms conducting training that addresses various leadership and management issues at the operational and tactical levels.

"The advantage I have when teaching courses in management and leadership is that my experiences as a military leader in the US Army and as a small business owner, leader, and manager in the seafood industry give me the ability to connect academic theories with practical application. In all my courses the focus of my teaching methodology and course design is based on realistic and relevant learning experiences that a student can ultimately use in a leadership or management setting. As a first generation college graduate who worked full-time while pursuing my college education, I have an affinity for many of my students and can empathize with many of their life situations. However, I never change my standards for success in my courses because of this. Instead, I keep the standards at the level the student can expect to meet in the business world. Then commit to helping them in any way possible to reach these standards. I start my courses each semester telling them four things. (1) 'Never let anyone tell you can't do something.' (2) 'I will not fail you, only you can ultimately fail you.' (3) 'I am committed to doing anything and everything ethically possible to help you not to fail.' (4) 'Now the choice is yours on whether to make excuses or get results!'" 

Teaching Philosophy
“Every student learns differently. However, I have found that successful leaders and managers are also effective lifelong learners that know how they learn best. Therefore, it is my philosophy to include two learning objectives for all my courses so students have opportunities to develop both the explicit leadership and management skills and abilities they will need lead and manage; as well as, the tacit lifelong learning skills and abilities they will need to grow as a leader and manager.”

Research Publications/ Research Grants/Papers 
  • “Creating Community College Pathways: Using Innovation and Collaboration for Sustainable Engaged Learning,” - League for Innovation in the Community College March 2010
  • “Service Learning Projects as Value Added for Business Education: How Students Can Test What They Have Learned” - Association of Faculty for the Advancement of Community College Teaching January 2009
  • “From Middle Schools to Middle College: How to Grab the Students Attention Early” - National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Education January 2008
  • “The Cultural Evolution of the Fishing Industry: The Effects of Fisheries Regulations on Community Based, Family Fishing Businesses” - Society for the Advancement of Management March 2007
  • “An Examination of Social Learning Outcomes in Three Entrepreneurial Chesapeake Bay Waterman Communities” – Dissertation: Walden University PhD Program, UMI Publishing, May 2011
  • “Community Service Projects as a Value Added for Business Education: How Students Can Put to Use What They Have Learned,” - Community College Entrepreneurship Journal Winter 2009
  • “The Cultural Evolution of the Fishing Industry: The Effects of Fisheries Regulations on Community Based, Family Fishing Businesses” – PhD Thesis: Walden University School of Management PhD Program, UMI Publishing September 2006
  • “A Comparative Analysis of Government Regulations, Fishing Effort and Outside Influences on Lobster Landings for the State of Rhode Island from 1988 - 1998” – Graduate Thesis: JWU Graduate School MBA Program, UMI Publishing March 2002
  • “Military Operations Other Than War” (coauthor) - Stackpole Books January 2000

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