Fisher College Faculty

John HoganJohn Hogan, M.B.A., C.M.A.
assistant professor accounting and finance
program: Management

Contact Information
Office Location: 108 Beacon Street, 6th Floor (108-61)

  • B.S./B.A., Accounting & Finance, Suffolk University
  • M.B.A., Finance, Entrepreneurship, Babson College
  • Ed.D. Candidate, Northeastern University

Professor Hogan, a Certified Management Accountant (C.M.A.), began teaching accounting and finance courses at Fisher College in 2010. He possesses more than 19 years of teaching experience and has previously taught at Newbury College, Dean College, Northeastern University, and Babson College. During his prior career in financial services, John co-founded the fund administration department at Brown Brothers Harriman, a major custodian bank. Prior to his employment at BBH, he worked at The New England, Moseley Hallgarten, Estabrook and Weeden and Shawmut Bank. John’s research interests are in activity-based costing and financial reporting. Professor Hogan's consulting clients include Harvest Power, Inc., Navistar International, HRT Technology Advisors, and The MathWorks.

Teaching Philosophy
In teaching, my overarching goal is effective student learning. My emphasis is on helping the student to learn, rather than just dispensing my knowledge to them. My mission is to help my students to develop an understanding of the concept, rationale and real world application of each of the accounting and finance techniques and methods covered in my class. When planning a course of instruction I will: 1) identify a set of objectives and skills; 2) compile a rationale for each objective and skill and 3) design a course plan that emphasizes the application of critical thinking skills to foster deep learning.

In 1994, I became an adjunct instructor in accounting and finance and immediately found that I loved doing that job more than my primary position. Upon migrating to a full-time teaching role at Fisher College, I have found it to be truly rewarding and something that I love to do. I am able to use my business experience to educate students on how the business world operates and to help them develop the accounting and finance skills needed to navigate through the dynamic and evolving business environment.

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