Medical Assistant

Certificate Program at Fisher College

The medical field can be very exciting and can provide gratifying career opportunities. Imagine working as a medical assistant in a busy physician's office or in a hospital-based clinic. The Fisher College Medical Assistant program will assist you as you develop both administrative and clinical skills required for employment after program completion. The program's key to your future is shaped by a clinical internship in a physician’s office, hospital specialty practice or some related health care setting. This provides you with valuable, hands-on experience that future employers highly value. During your internship, you will work with staff who provide care to patients as you develop competence for this exciting field.  
This undergraduate certificate program provides a strong foundation in the career of medical assisting, preparing students with the administrative and clinical knowledge and skills necessary to assume responsibilities in the medical profession. The program is designed to be completed within 13 months.


Associate in Science in Medical Assisting
Interested in taking your education beyond the certificate level? Check out our Associate in Science in Medical Assisting degree. All credits earned from the Medical Assistant certificate program may be applied toward the associate in science degree.
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