Degree in Marketing

Bachelor of Science Degree (Day & DAPS)

In today’s economy, firms seek marketing professionals who are creative problem solvers and who are well-versed in both traditional and digital marketing management. There is a need for graduates who possess marketing analytical, problem-solving, and communications skills.

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing program at Fisher College is grounded in the core essentials of a general management education, but it also provides students with a deeper understanding of various marketing disciplines such as marketing strategy, consumer behavior, marketing research and analysis, brand management, social media and digital marketing, and integrated marketing communications. By focusing in greater depth in such marketing areas, Fisher students will differentiate themselves from graduates of other programs.

The Marketing program will provide students with a solid core in marketing problem solving and analytics which are applicable in any marketing career. Through a mix of theory, case studies, and practice, students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to take on a critical role in any marketing environment. The marketing faculty at Fisher College are knowledgeable in both the theoretical and practical/managerial aspects of marketing, with backgrounds in both advanced marketing education and corporate managerial experience.

Fisher College is located in the Back Bay section of Boston, close to many businesses and non-profit organizations that need to market their goods and services. A marketing internship and subsequent career can be explored conveniently from our extraordinary location.


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