Program Mission & Learning Objectives

Program Mission

Bachelor of Science in Management program is committed to providing educational excellence through a carefully constructed business management core curriculum and selective concentrations. This curriculum provides strong grounding in broad-based fundamental management knowledge and skills to prepare students for productive careers as managers and professionals.

Graduates will be able to combine theory and practice of management with an interpersonal/ cross-cultural understanding of the diverse global environment, and will be well prepared for ethical decision-making.

Students hone their problem-solving and analytical skills through collaborative learning projects.

  • Recognition in the value of teamwork as they practice their leadership roles and abilities in various team-oriented activities
  • Focuses on effective applications of management theories through proactive program of experiential opportunities and tasks 
  • Scholastic ventures such as team presentations in management settings that combine theoretical “classroom” knowledge with practical real-world experience.

Concentration Learning Objectives

Fisher College Fashion Merchandising

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM), Fashion Merchandising concentration will achieve learning objectives of the BSM in addition to the following concentration specific learning objectives:

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to combine business and fashion knowledge to the following:

  • Describe and define terminology and principles of textiles and apparel production.
  • Appreciate and acknowledge business operations from design concept to consumer.
  • Illustrate the correlation between: trend research, product development and buying fashion products.
  • Distinguish between domestic and international operational measures of retailers and address the ever-changing retail channels.
  • Understand the unique aspects of fashion marketing and create strategic promotional plans in print, visual displays and online marketing components.
  • Master the art of inspirational and innovative techniques to implement in apparel merchandise.
  • Utilize historical costume elements in contemporary fashion products and retail establishments.
  • Recognize the importance of aesthetics and principles of design in the seasonal fashion world.
  • Assess social, cultural and economical factors and their impact on the global consumer and marketplace.
  • Evaluate trends in the fashion industry and their impact on overall business operations and strategy.

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