Bachelor of Science Degree (Day & Daps)

Fisher College Management DegreeStudents who pursue a Bachelor of Science in Management degree at Fisher College are choosing a broad-based and versatile degree. The program incorporates a carefully constructed business core curriculum with a strong grounding in management knowledge and skills. These principles of management apply across all types of organizations in all sectors of the economy. Graduates of the Management program pursue careers in various industries as well as non-profit organizations, health care facilities, government, and educational institutions.

Fisher College offers a Management degree with the option of eight different concentrations

Students may choose to focus in an area of special interest through one of nine concentrations. A concentration allows students to take three to five classes in a specific area or disciple to give them greater knowledge and experience in that subject matter. All Bachelor of Science in Management program majors graduate with knowledge and skills in the management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, and will be able to demonstrate their marketable skills through an electronic portfolio.

Faculty stay continually informed about current issues and trends to prepare students for today's business environment. The required general education curriculum ensures students have a strong foundation in analytical and communication skills.

Fisher College is located in the beautiful Back Bay section of Boston, surrounded by major retail centers, government offices–including the State House–and is easily accessible to many business and non-profit organizations that serve the city of Boston. An internship and subsequent career can be explored in any field of interest from our extraordinary location.

Available Concentrations:

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