Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (Day)

Based in the long tradition of study in the liberal arts, Fisher College’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts is designed to prepare graduates for an ever-changing world. By completing coursework in various disciplines, the liberal arts graduate develops a skill set that enables her/him to continue to even higher levels of education as well as to enter numerous career fields. Study in liberal arts helps create a graduate with a flexible mind and an appreciation of diversity. Traditionally, a liberal arts graduate is notable for her/his critical thinking, problem solving, and synthesizing of ideas. For employers, this multi-talented graduate is admirably adept at written and oral communication, at analyzing and synthesizing information, and at making sound data-driven decisions.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts contains required courses to ensure that students explore major ideas that have engaged scholars throughout time, and it also provides many electives to allow each student to explore a discipline in depth. The requirement that each liberal arts student complete a minor in an area of particular interest to her/him further assists the student in developing a knowledge base and skills for continued study in that discipline or for starting a career. Additionally, the required internship with mentoring allows the liberal arts student to gain valuable experience and to clarify career goals.
Students in the Boston Public Garden

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