BACHELOR OF ARTS In Communication Degree (DAY & DAPS)

Students at Fox 25The communication program at Fisher is dedicated to providing students personalized attention and the highest level of instruction. Our courses are constantly being updated to help students acquire the writing, speaking, critical-thinking, video shooting/editing and creative problem-solving skills needed to become meaningful communicators.

What makes Fisher's program special?

We're the small school in a big city. You'll know your classmates by first name and your professors will know you. You won't find 300-seat lecture halls or graduate students teaching classes here. Our "largest" classroom seats 30 and all teaching is done by full-time faculty and part-time instructors with experience in their field. That means the instructor teaching you media writing or advanced reporting, knows what they're talking about and are eager to share their expertise.

We're not so small, however, when it comes to career preparation. Attending school in Boston gives you access to hundreds of internship opportunities, many of which are within walking distance of our campus or easily accessible via public transportation. Students are required to complete one internship, but you'll have the opportunity to complete two or if you wish pursue a full-time semester long internship. Additionally, our Leadership Society and Marketing-Communication clubs offer on-site experience and the opportunity to flex your leadership and event-planning skills.

Small can be comforting. Big can be exciting. And since we're both...that's what makes Fisher's Communication and Media Studies program so special.

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