Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (Day & DAPS)

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Fisher College has been developed to give students a solid background in the scientific study of human behavior, both individually and within society. The Psychology program consists of 43 credits of designated psychology courses, along with 12 elective credits within the discipline. 
The Psychology program offers small class sizes; a number of free electives and program electives; and full-time and part-time faculty with a wide range of interests and experiences that translate into teaching, research, and advising. In addition, students seeking a degree in Psychology can participate in numerous opportunities, such as field trips, roundtable discussions, speaker series, conferences, and a variety of networking opportunities.
Graduates with a degree in Psychology can obtain jobs in a variety of settings, including child care, social service agencies, drug treatment centers, youth and adult residential care centers, crisis centers, senior citizen centers, state and local agencies serving families and children, research, or can pursue advanced degrees in Psychology or related fields. 

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