Degree in Criminal Justice

Associate in Science Degree (DAPS)

Criminal justice is a broad field encompassing careers from traditional work in local law enforcement, courts and corrections to privately run non-profit intervention and prevention programs. Graduates from Fisher College’s Associate in Science in Criminal Justice program enter the workforce with a strong social science background that has prepared them for entry-level careers as well as the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Students are exposed to the interdisciplinary nature of the field through course such as Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, and Introduction to Criminology.

Students with a degree in Criminal Justice can enroll in program electives to explore new topics in more depth, as well as complete an associate’s degree level internship.

The Criminal Justice program at Fisher College has a strong co-curricular component. In the last two years, students have attended a variety of events that focus on experiential learning and networking:

  • Hate Crime symposium
  • Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Clothesline Project
  • Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s Consent Workshop
  • Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s Bystander Training
  • Sexual Assault Survivor speaker
  • Damien Echols (West Memphis Three) speaking engagement
  • “Scenes of a Crime” documentary viewing and question & answer session
  • Tours of the Norfolk County House of Corrections, Nashua Street Jail and South Bay House of Corrections
  • Career speakers from Salem District Court Probation Department, including a forensic psychologist and crime analyst

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Interested in taking your education beyond an associate degree? Check out our Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree.
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