Student Testimonials

"The Common Experience is helpful in many aspects. It taught useful information that is helpful in guiding us through our freshmen and future years of college." ~  Kaleigh Filonow

"This class has provided me with an opportunity to get to know what kind of student I am." ~ Molly Higgins

"It helped me by showing different approaches to studying and remembering information." ~ Maria Hunton

"Freshman year of college is a year where students go through a lot of changes in every aspect of their lives. The Common Experience class is a very valuable resource in coping with changes and finding ways to adjust to your new life." ~  Luisa Rosado

"This class has made the transition over to college life really easy. I enjoy this class. It has made making friends and getting familiar to the campus so simple." ~ Julianne Bonfilio

"CE is a class I'm glad I was able to be a part of. Everything I've learned can be applied to my classes and everyday life." ~ Ashley Kate Cameron

"This experience so far has been very exciting. I look forward to coming to this class."~  Manguerdy Loiseau


Students share their excitements and worries about the first year of college for a class discussion.

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